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The Art & Science of Teaching Reading Comprehension

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Melissa Barlett

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of The Art & Science of Teaching Reading Comprehension




measurable results of a students reading

recognition of the relationship
of art and science in teaching

teaching as an art form and learning as a science
The Art & Science of Teaching Reading Comprehension
The Science
The Art
influence of learning environment

application of content

demonstration of understanding
Application of Science
Word meaning, definition, and association

discussion to support understanding

guided or modeled reading

use of tools
Application of art
influence of learning environment

stimulants to promote excitement and interest

visual supports to identify goals and expectation

Fundamental Roots
Systematic organized teaching methodology

Identification of methods to compliment learning styles

Environments to encourage the learning process (Learning Team E, 2013)

The Art and Science of Reading Comprehension
MTE 501
Melissa Barlett
Tara Bulman
Nokeia Dockery
November 4, 2013
Constance Raaz

"the state of knowing"
(Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 2012)
Art is "skill acquired by experience, study, or observation"
(Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary, 2012)

Presenter Notes:
For the purposes of this presentation presenter notes are listed here:
Welcome to the art and science of teaching reading comprehension. As we move through this presentation we will be exploring the components associated with teaching as an art and the science behind learning. We will understand how these components grow through establishment of a solid root base. (slides 1 &2)
The art and science of teaching is not something to appear overnight. It takes time to establish and develope. (slide 3) Developing a systematic and organized teaching method allows for clear concise goals. In the process of goal development a teacher must take into consideration learning styles, audience, and environment. (slide 3)
We move into the component and the science of learning. Comprehension is a method in which a student is able to read text and identify and process the link between word recognition and meaning. It is the responsibility of the teacher to clearly identify and state the goals to achieve reading excellence.
Understanding the depth of comprehension and a students ability to convey information with a text enables evaluation of progression.
Teachers must recognize and implement tools and supports to link to learning style and increase students understanding
Example: the use of visual aides to support word meaning(association) (slide 6 & 7)
use of discussion in a question and answer forum, and retelling story or text forum promotes deeper exploration of content. (slide 8 & 9)
The art is the embodiment that promotes interesting and supporting learning environment. (slide 11, 12 & 13)
An inviting environment encourages comfort, reassurance, dialogue, and confidence. By implementing environmental supports teachers allow students independent learning. (slide 14, 15, & 16)
The art and science of reading comprehension are undoubtedly connected. Although they may appear complex, they are merely recognition and awareness supporting a students growth. (slides 19 & 20)
In conclusion, we can use the skills and the applications of the art and science to develop and enhance reading comprehension growth. To ensure progression teachers must start at the roots and feed students with knowledge and understanding. It is the responsibility of the teacher to deliver innovative, interesting methods while incorporation scientific dissemination of details to students. The fruits of labor will ultimately yield learning filled with nutrients.

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