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The iPhone 6s

No description

jace hexom

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of The iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s
The iPhone, and all other i products were made by a big company called Apple.
Product Background
The iPhone 6s is one version of many. In total there are 12 versions of the iPhone. The 6s is the newest and best version.
Current Product Price
The price of the 6s is $649.
The 6s plus is $749.
These prices are straight from the company Apple.
Some places sell them for much cheaper.
The biggest feature of the product is the 3d touch.
Feature Broken Down
3d touch is basically a pressure sensitive screen. The feature can be used with the messages app, and a few others. If you apply some force to the screen, a 3d looking tab pops up giving you a choice to text one of your favorite contacts, or to create a new message.
The pixel density of the iPhone 6s is 326. That's pretty good. That's better than some flat screens.
The 6s screen measures to 4.7 inches. The 6s
plus is 5.5 inches.
More Background
The inventers of the iPhone are Steve Jobs, John Wayne, and Steve Wozniak.
Pics of the iPhone
6s 6s plus
3d touch
How it has effected us
The iPhone hasn't changed us in a big way. All it is is one step closer to the future, and more technallage.
Sources Cited
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