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U.S History

Samantha Wells

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of 4.03

The Roaring 1920s
4.03, U.S. History
Harlem Renaissance
Cool Creations
The prohibition was a time where the United States passed laws against alcohol. Thousands opon thousands of barrels and boxes of alcohol were destroyed. This was meant to reduce crime rates; but it soon made them much worse.
The 1920s is known for a time when women cutting their hair short and wearing eccentric clothes was a symbol of freedom and rebellion. Similarly, this was also a time when women began getting involved in workforces previously thought as a man's position.
Fundamentalism was the belief that everything the Bible says, happens exactly. When schools started teaching evolution, fundamentalists were outraged. Laws were passed for it and against it; lawsuits were made for those that were against said laws; and everything was pretty hectic.
The Harlem Renaissance was a time when the black culture was booming. Jazz and other types of music, Art, Poetry as well as other kinds of literature was being produced left and right.
With all this cool stuff going on, a large amount of stuff was invented and created. Songs, books, cool cars, the first radio and robot, the yo-yo, and even PEZ-candy
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