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Pick Me cupcakes business plan

Pick Me cupcakes business plan

Baiying Li

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Pick Me cupcakes business plan

Sales & Marketing
Management Team
Production Process
Human Resources
Enjoy our cupcakes from
Pick Me Cup N' Cakes
Pick me Cup N' Cakes
Marketing Analysis
General Manager
Finance Manager
Human Resources Manager
Production Manager
Purchasing Manager
Sales and Marketing Manager
Quality Control Manager
Compensation evaluated on working experience and qualification of the employees.
Financial incentives not linked to performances
Shop open from 8am to 8pm
Cupcake ATM 24/7
Inventory FIFO
Automatic and Manual inventory count
Thank you!
Pick Me Cup N' Cake
Business Plan

Archana Chelvanayakam
Ambalika Nita Swammy
Amna Fatmi
Baiying Li
Tengxiao Li

Zhu Wei
Cen Cai
Min Liu
Small cup cake business located in the heart of downtown

Offers unique flavored cupcakes

Makes special ordered wedding cakes, delivery included, satisfaction guaranteed
New flavor every week
Sugar free cupcakes made with natural sweeteners
Vegan cupcakes
Calorie smart
Nut free
Flavors & Dietary Cupcakes:
CupCake ATM Machine
First of its kind in Canada a cupcake ATM machine
Satisfy your midnight craving with one of our special cupcakes
Sales & Marketing
Target Market segments:
Marketing Strategy
Vacancies required to be filled
The knowledge, skills, abilities and working experience required for the vacancies
Job Training:
The recruitment process will determine the level of the On-the-Job training required
Need for training
Plan for training sessions
Archana Chelvanayakam
Ambalika Nita Swammy
Amna Fatmi
Baiying Li
Tengxiao Li

Zhu Wei
Cen Cai
Min Liu
Product variation
Product differentiation
Product innovation
Product elimination
Individual communication
Mass communication
Brand management
Corporate identity
Cost recovery pricing
Penetration pricing
Price skinning
Distribution Channel
Direct sales
Indirect Sales
Customer Profile:
Working class
City goers
Prairie Girl Bakery, Davids Tea, Dessert Lady Café, Dlish Cupcakes. Also, Starbucks, Second Cup and Tim Horton.
Demographic: Age, Gender,Religion
Geographic: Downtown area
Psychographic: Healthy diet (fat free), Diabetic (sugar free)
Benefit: Convenience, Quality
Operating Plan
Industry Standards and Regulations
Quality Control
Start-UP Cost
Security deposit: 8,000

Cupcake ATM ( 2 ): 200,000

Equipment: 25,000

Miscellaneous: 25,000

Website: 2,000

Total: 260,000
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Sensitivity Analysis
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