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My Journal: Garden of Eden Days

No description

Sami Gubin Gubin

on 10 November 2017

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Transcript of My Journal: Garden of Eden Days

Before Creation
What an angel has told me I missed.
G-d was the only entity present in the universe before the creation began . There was no vegetation present on the Earth because G-d had not made it rain yet on the land and there was no human to till the land. Then a mist came out of one of the springs present deep within the Earth, and the whole ground was watered with the freshest, bluest, cleanest water even seen before. The angel came to me after I was created and brought me up to speed on what had occurred before I came into existence. The angel was a gorgeous winged creature, and had a delicate feminine shape and a melodious voice. She informed me that in heaven there is a chorus of angels that sing to g-d and look over the world and function as g-d's helpers. The angel also informed me that there is a court of appointed angels and when they were approached about whether g-d should create mankind, All of the angels in the court were extremely opposed to the idea of human kind because they believed that human kind would cause all types of mischief and ruin the perfect world that g-d had created in conjunction with his vision. I asked the angel why she was telling me this part of the story and she did not give me an answer. Rather she flew back up into heaven and I never had another interaction with an angel again. I didn't understand why she had rold me this story when my interaction first occurred but now that I am looking back on what happened and writing it down for future reference, I understand that she was foreshadowing my future misbehavior in relation to the forbidden fruit.
Why am I here?
Adam was alone in the Garden of Eden. G-d thought that Adam needed an opposing helper that would challenge him to think in new ways and give him perspective on different elements of the world. G-d created the many species of animals that filled the Garden with beautiful colors and an amazing array of textures and personalities. All of these animals spoke as well in different tones, that sounded like the same song sung by different people with different voices on teh scale like a perfect harmony. Adam tells me that the sounds that he heard were gorgeous when I though that for sure they would be chaotic. After all the animals were created, Adam took a long stroll through the garden so that he could get to know the animals. He spoke to them and got to know their unique characters and Adam named the animals relating to their characters. None of them were the opposing helper that he and G-d were looking for because when Adam spoke to the animals, most of them were either really shy about their opinions or just agreed with Adam because he had more power over them. G-d came to the realization that woman would be the person that Adam needed to be his opposing helper. G-d placed Adam into a deep sleep and took out a rib from him and used that to fashion me, woman. I was introduced to Adam and I felt an instant connection to him. We were not wearing clothing when we were introduced but we did not care because we did not think into it.
What is life here in the Garden like?
Temptation, Trickery, and Treachery
Why did I eat the fruit?
Why did I give it to Adam?
How my husband came into being?

My husband Adam was created from the dust of the Earth. G-d formed his shape and then breathed life into him.. After the breath of life entered him, he woke up from what it seemed was a slumber. He was disoriented and G-d placed him in the Garden of Eden which is located in the Mesopotamia River Valley, or the Fertile Crescent. Adam was placed on this earth to till the land that he was placed into by G-d. G-d informed Adam that he was allowed to eat from every tree in the garden except for the tree of knowledge, of goof and evil. Adam was not allowed to eat from this tree because G-d told him that the fruit could kill him. I think that the way Adam was created is very significant because he has a specific connection to the Earth as those were his origins. Adam did not mind that his purpose was to tend the Earth because he understood that it was important and he aspired to follow all of the commandments given to him by G-d. I believe that Adam was created for a purpose and he is supposed to be here in the Garden of Eden with me. I think Adam's creation and of course later my own creation will be very important to the people that come after us because there are important morals that people can learn from our story.
What was the fruit like?
What was my experience after eating the fruit?
My Journal: Garden of Eden Days
By : Eve
How did I react when G-d scolded me?
What punishments did I recieve?
What punishments did Adam recieve?
How I feel about out punishments? Are they fair?
The Garden of Eden is located between four different rivers that supply us with fresh, gorgeous, sparkling, clear blue water. The four rivers are the Pishon that encompasses Havilah, Gihon that encompasses Cush, Tigris that encompasses the land of Asshur and the Euphrates river. The land here is filled with precious stones such as gold, onyx, and bdellium which will be important for future generations. We seem to have unlimited space here in the garden and we are free to walk wherever we want without feeling the least bit restricted. We are not scared of the animals for they are all very friendly and every so often they stop to talk to us. There are many trees here that have fruits, flowers, and leaves in an unbelievable array of colors that is not even on the spectrum of light. The depth of the colors can't be explained to current humans because their eyes are not as developed as we once were. After we were banished from the garden, the colors escaped our brain and we never saw them again in the outside world. The colors are so saturated and deeply filled with a certain color that it is hard to look away and then especially hard to forget later on. Here is an example of what a day would look like for me. I would sleep on my soft bed of leaves underneath a large tree that absorbs heat, while giving off shade as well. It seems to read my body temperature and I have never had an issue with being cold or warm. Adam and I sleep next to each other under this tree and we are not concerned with our naked bodies. We wake up by the soft sounds of the animals, whether it be birds or something else. After we have woken up, we bathe in the clear streams that run through the garden. After our bath, we stroll the garden and pick whatever fruit suits our fancy for that morning. After we eat, we frolic in the rivers, walk around, or converse with the animals. There were days that I just slept and thought about certain things and passed the day by that way. We pick the vegetables and fruit that we want to eat for lunch and dinner and we have no organized schedule. There is no sense of time here either. We understand that we see the sun for a particular time of day and the moon for the rest for the rest but we are not counting time in any way. We just live day to day and enjoy our freedom and our lives in general. There are times when Adam and I spend some quality time together just talking and getting to know each other better. We loved each other at first sigh but some days it feels like I fall more in love with Adam when we sit and converse under our special tree with stunning lavender flowers.
One beautiful, sunny day, in the mid-afternoon, I was walking in the Garden alone because Adam wanted to talk to some animals without me. I was walking on my typical path and I met a snake. This snake was green with black spots on it's back and it was hanging out in a tree that I was walking past. It came down to me and told me something that caught me a little off guard. He stated that I am not allowed to eat from any tree in the Garden. Of course I knew that this wasn't true so I replied that we could eat everything except the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden for if we touched it, or ate it we would surely die. Right after I was created, Adam and I had a conversation. He informed me that touching and or eating from the middle tree will kill you instantaneously. After I had told the little snake what I knew, he looked at me very confused and told me that I will not die if I eat the fruit from the tree. He told me that G-d will know if I eat the fruit of that tree, and if I ate the forbidden fruit than my eyes will be opened and I will be like G-d knowing good and evil. This sentiment while interesting, seemed too good to be true and I was not about to chance my life just because of something that a lowly snake said. I really did not want to eat the fruit because I knew that I was not permitted to eat it. The snake kept telling me to eat the fruit and he kept crawling over it, and eating piece after piece of it. The fruit looked so amazing because it had an orangey/red color and it was shiny and as round as can be. I tried walking away from the tree but there seemed to be an evil force emanation from the snake and my mind that pulled me back to tree. I saw what I was doing but I intellectually did not understand how I was capable of committing such a moral atrocity and a gross disobedience to g-d.
After much thought and terrible temptation, I walked closer to the forbidden tree with the serpent looking on and gently cajoling me to go further. I grabbed the fruit, and took a relatively large bite and still was not dead. I did not understand what had happened, I had been promised death from G-d if I touched or ate the fruit and nothing happened. I believed that the serpent was correct for he had told me that I wouldn't die if I touched or ate the fruit. A lot of people are curious about what the fruit was like and how it tasted. The fruit had a crispy skin, with a tender and sweet inside that was unlike anything I had ever tasted. When I was swallowing, there were some salty, and bitter notes which doesn't seem good, but it actually worked with the fruit because without that aftertaste, the fruit would have been impeccably too sweet. Knowledge is bitter and salty sometimes so the aftertaste of the fruit makes sense with the new ideas that I learned. After eating the fruit, I seemed to fall into a deep sleep for a little while. After I don;t know how many hours, I woke up and I realized that I was completely naked. I was completely embarrassed and needed to cover myself up immediately. I saw a fig tree right nearby with large leaves, so I used those to cover my genitalia. During my long sleep, I had some visions of good things and bad things like war which was going to happen in the future. I also dreamed of my husband's naked body which aroused me and I began to desire to be with my husband. All I could think about was being with my husband and getting pregnant with children. I desperately wanted to consummate out union and become a parent. If people ask me whether or not eating the fruit was worth it, I would say that ignorance is bliss, and living forever is more important than the new knowledge that I received from the fruit.
I know that everyone who will read this story will want to know why I ate the fruit. I ate the fruit because I desperately wanted to have an intellect like my husband. When I was created, Adam was always outsmarting me and making me feel extra dumb because we couldn't converse about some particular deep topics like why we were created., or about G-d our ruler. I couldn't comprehend those concepts even though I so wanted to. When the snake informed me that I could become intelligent from eating the fruit, it seemed like an offer that I just couldn't refuse. I know that what i did was morally wrong and I will forever atone for my sins but. The intelligence that I have gained has cost me my chastity, and my happiness and has given me much pain but there are times that I am happy to have acquired this intelligence. Finally I could converse with my husband without feeling stupid, and informing him of my own valid opinions. I feel good when I am able to contribute good ideas and point of view to any conversation that I have. Now to address the second question, why did I give the fruit to Adam if my motive was to become intelligent? I love Adam, and even though I felt like I was dumber than him most of the time, I wanted to take this new step in my life together with him, my husband for better or for worse. Sure, would I have been annoyed if he became even smarter than me after the fruit, Yes but we would have done it together. I gave him the fruit in case I died from eating the fruit. Adam and I are very close, and I would never have not given him the fruit for it was an important step in our relationship for after the fruit, our love become stronger and we were able to reproduce and have children together.
G-d called out to Adam and I after we had eaten the forbidden fruit. We were hiding behind a tree because we didn't want G-d to see us. We were afraid of G-d and we were also ashamed of our scantily clad bodies. G-d asked Adam why he was hiding and Adam told him that he was afraid and naked and decided to hide. He asked Adam if he ate from the tree and Adam informed G-d that I had given him the fruit. G-d then asked me what I had done, and I told G-d that the snake tricked me into eating the fruit and then I ate it. G-d punished all three of us because we were all responsible in the sin in one way or another with no more blame on one person than another. My punishments were severe pain in childbirth, desire to my husband and inferiority to my husband for he rules over me. Adam was punished with toiling the land for little result each year. Adam and I war what he produces every year. Our joint punishment was the banishment from the Garden and the concept that our immortality vanished and we were becoming mere mortals once again instead of the holy beings that we were when we hadn't sinned and were set up for immortality. Overall, Adam and I, and the snake got scolded by G-d and we were all very afraid. We were all punished for our actions and since, we have learned our lesson not to disobey G-d.
I believe that the punishments that were doled out by G-d after out sin are completely fair. They have far reaching consequences but are justified. The snake and I now hate each other because he tricked me into thinking thr fruit was good when it was not in the slightest. I have yet to bear children yet but I am not looking forward to the pain. I do not think I will enjoy the pain, but the reason that I have it is completely logical. I have desires to my husband that I want dealt with and sometimes he says no and sometimes he says yes as those are his rulings. Adan spends his days working the land which is not gratifying to him at all because he doesn't immediately get rewarded and there are some seasons where he has little crops all together. I feel bad for him, and I also feel bad for my future self when I need to give birth to children. I do not care about the snake's feelings because I hate him. The banishment from Gan Eden and the loss of immortality are the two punishments that affect me the most because I was living such a comfortable life in the garden and I wish I could go back. I also really wanted to stay alive forever and I am annoyed at myself that I screwed that up for us. I feel remorse every day when I comprehend that we are not in the Garden anymore and that each day is one day closer to our death. The punishments that Adam and I have are sad but again, they have a purpose and we are able to learn from them about what we did wrong and how to never do anything like that again.
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