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Civil War PowerPoint:Weapons

No description

Hannah Zaveson

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Civil War PowerPoint:Weapons

Weapons -Standard Rifle
Both the Union & Confederate
armies use versios of .58 caliber rifle
it was called a Springfield Model 1861
in the North
Orginaly made in Springfield,Massachusetts -Bowie Knife
had blades as long as
a man's forearm
named after Jim Bowie
made on the American frontier -Sharps Carbine
was a Union cavalrymen favorite
had a 22-inch barrel
single shot and better
than most guns in use
was not a muzzle loader
Abraham Lincoln said
"It's a wonderful gun."
took soilders to load and fire
it about 8 times a minute
it was often called the buffalo gun
remained popular as a hunting gun -Mississpi Rifle
was fisrt called the Mississipi
Rifle then the Harpers Ferry Rifle
single shot muzzel-loading .54 calier
and 33-inch barrel
standar weapon of the U.S. Army
replaced by the 1861 Springfield Rifle-musket,
whichhad a 40-inch barrel americanhistory.si.edu http://www.washingtonartilleryuniformstandards.bravepages.com/musket_&_sidearms_03.htm europeancar.automotive.com www.triggersandbows.com
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