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Mommy-Track Backlash

BUS 304 Management and Organizational Dynamics

Yuchao Lu

on 27 October 2010

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Transcript of Mommy-Track Backlash

Mommy-Track Backlash Bus 304-05
Management and Organizational Dynamics
Presented by: Yiqing Zhao
Yuchao Lu Theme:
Many companies and organizations often face
the problem on employee fairness, requiring
their management team to resolve the conflicts
between employees and organizations. Subjects covered:
Employee fairness
Employee privacy issues
Families & friends problems
Internal personnel policies Players: Jessica Gonon: 
Vice president
sales and customer support at ClarityBase Jana Rowe:
Account manager
Married, no child
Four-day workweek
20% cut in pay
“personal reasons” Davis Bennett:
Account manager
Hobby is the Ironman Triathlon World
His ultimate goal was a spot on the U.S. Olympic team in 2004 
Childless employee Situation: Jana wants to work 4 days a week Davis wants more flexiable time Megan has been having fridays off since
two years ago when the company hired her
on agreement of her schedule. Jessica:
Dilemmar What do the Experts say? Many experts from different fields to give the proposal, a key word is "fair”, or “equity” It is not only fair between employees, but also fairness between employees and organizations. Four commentators offer expert advice From situation to solution Michele S. Darling Chris Dineen Elinor Burkett Stewart D. Friedman Suggests: Jessica needs a new mind set
Employees must meet business goals and objectives
Emloyees think of solutions to meet their fexiable work hours
devise guidelines for employee proposals for flexibale hours
Give specific reason for accepting/declining proposals Suggests: Set up policies regarding flexiable work hours
Jana may preceive this as unfair work allocation
Jessica to give additional compensation
The key here is try to be fair to every employee Our solution ClarityBase offers special considerations to working parents
Granting one group of employees privileges
Rest of the workforce preceive themselves as second-class employees
Jessica must recognize benefits and flexibility are equally important as paychecks
Key is PARITY!!
-acknowledge that childless employees have as much right to their personal lives as working parents do. The goal is is equity,not equality
The flexibility - from organization to employee
and vice versa.
"We are all in this together" as a team,
encouraging Jana,Davis and Megan to
participate in group discussion
Discuss the demand of the business
as well as life outside of Clarity base
Alternative ways to satisfy customers
through the use of technology
Consider certain account managers should
reveive higher compensation for handling
more demanding clients Megan Flood:
Account manager
Married, has two children
Fridays off to spend time with her 2 young boys What we think:
Every person has his/her physcological needs/self esteem
But when Jana compares herself with Megan,
she feels she is not treated equitably What we do: The company must make policies to create a fair environment for both childless employees and working parents The management team lacks communicatoin with employees Managers sit down,discuss and listen to the employees' work-life issues and how can they meet their clients' requirment with flexible work hours Jesica used to be a mommy worker
8 account managers @ clarity base
helping the company’s largest customers install and maintain the software
Davis, has the toughest customers, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Philadelphia

Claritybase Company offered work-life policies.
family medical insurance
adoption assistance
paid maternity and paternity leave

Bill Welensky who was Jessica’s mentor and one of her biggest supporters at Claritybase.
Bill said yes we don’t have any policies at all regarding flex time. Employees do not have much incentives at work, especially people with tougher clients Discuss with HR department about employee benefit and compensation.
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