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Hilton Worldwide Office Move


Siona Burling

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Hilton Worldwide Office Move

Move the elements
Create a unique layout
Add your content
Office Move for the Australasia Team
Level 15 of 338 Pitt St, Sydney
Our New Office
Modern change-rooms, bathrooms and showers on B1 for your use, plus there's a bike storage room for those who cycle to work.

Brand new kitchen facilities to enjoy in the break-out area including toaster, coffee machine, fridge and sandwich press. There is also a Zip Hydrotap which provides instant boiling and chilled filtered water.
You can look forward to...
338 Pitt St Foyer
Regional - Wave One
Monday, 15th June
- Receive boxes to pack up folders and files.

Friday, 19th June
- Ensure your entire desk is 'move ready'.

Monday, 22nd June
- "Moving Day"

Tuesday, 23rd June
- Commence work at new office.
Centralised Finance - Wave Two
We are located here..
Whats Around?
In such a convenient location, there are plenty of ATMs, food and retail options, plus a dry-cleaner near-by.

Nearby Coffee & Cafes:
Charlie & Franks, Coffee Pitt, Cafe
Cherry Beans

If you're a loyal
Campos coffee drinker,
you're in luck - just head to the arcade next door.
Boost Juice, Hero Sushi, Salad Works,
Nando's, Grill'd, Guzman y Gomez, Din Tai Fung, China Republic
Food & Dining
Coles, JB Hi-Fi, Priceline Pharmacy, Rebel Sport, Square Newsagency
338 Pitt St

enjoys exposure to both Pitt and Liverpool Streets offering convenient access to services and transport.

The property is well served by public transport being near the Museum and Town Hall Railway Stations, and serviced by regular bus services along Elizabeth, George & Castlereagh Streets.

For those who drive to work, the building is easily linked to the Harbour Bridge, the western corridor, Oxford Street
and William Street.
Moving Dates
The property benefits from the vast amenities within the location including cafés, restaurants, retail shops, parks and fitness centres.
Located on the Map..
Regular announcements about the move will be communicated via email from Richard Todd. Please ensure you read follow-up communications.
But in the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns or comments..
Please feel free to get in touch!
We welcome your enquiries at:
Open in Google Maps:
Located on the corner of Pitt & Liverpool Streets
Monday, 15th June
- Receive boxes to pack up folders and files.

Tuesday, 23rd June
- Ensure your entire desk is 'move ready'

Wednesday, 24th June
- "Moving Day" - your manager will advise the details of this date.

Thursday, 25th June
- Commence work at new office
An introduction...
Thankyou for taking the time to view our presentation!

This presentation is designed to provide you with
a general overview of our upcoming office move and provide you with an introduction to the new office environment.

You will also receive additional email annoucements, be provided with a comprehensive orientation of the building, facilities and office guidelines, as well as have the opportunity to ask questions or raise any other enquiries you may have to our Regional HR Coordinator, Siona.

The presentation is designed in Prezi and is best viewed in full-screen.
An Introduction..
Hours of Access
All team members will be provided with 24 hour,
7 day access to the building, noting your core business hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

During office hours you will need your proxy card to access level 15 via the lift, as well as the Hilton Worldwide office. if you forget your access card you will need to contact your manager to gain access to level 15.

Outside the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm, you will also need your proxy card to access the Lobby.
Our new office space is a Hilton Worldwide Corporate Office and as such many of the the team members working in the office will be working with confidential information. For this reason, you will be required to keep hard files to a bare minimum and ensure that senstive information is not displayed on walls, desk dividers or left on desks or at printers.

Printing: For your document to be 'released' to print, you will need to enter a passcode at the printer. This will ensure that your files dont accidentally get picked up amongst others.
* Will be in your browser after closing Prezi
500 square metres of modern, open plan space with an abundance of natural light and views to Pyrmont and beyond.
" Walk through the glass revolving doors of this sophisticated A Grade building into the spacious, double height atrium"
Located on the corner of Pitt & Liverpool Streets, 338 Pitt Street is a prominent office tower completed in 1997 and consisting of ground floor retail and entrance foyers, 18 upper levels of office accommodation and basement car parking.
Transport Access
Our New Address
The building location is about 10 minutes walk south of Hilton Sydney
Phase One:
Regional Team | Monday, 22nd June 2015

Phase Two:
Finance and Sales | Wednesday, 24th June 2015

Packing & Cleaning Out
Boxes for you to pack up your desk will arrive 5-7 days prior to your moving date.
Cleaning Out Guidelines
Please note that there will be
limited storage space allocated to each team member in the new office. Therefore:

You are encouraged to use this opportunity to spring clean your items / desk / drawers and dispose of items you do not need. Items you have not used in the past three months should be evealuated as to if you still need them.

Our new office will be a transition to 'paperless' - if you have stacks of hard files, please work with your manager to start scanning and/or destroying these files as there will be very limited space to store them.

Any hard files older than seven years should be destroyed

You should ensure confidential information is destroyed via shredding or placed in a locked bin.

Orange Star:
Blue Circle:
Finance & Sales Teams - Phase Two
World Square is just a moments walk and will be the main centre for all your dining and shopping needs..
Communicating our new
address to Suppliers, Clients and Contacts
An official communication will be sent to all main suppliers from Hilton Worldwide.
You are encouraged to update your email signature with the new address and phone number in due course (template will be provided)
As your phone number will be changing, please consider sending out a blanket email or calling your clients and contacts to advise of your new contact information. Your email address will remain the same.

* Please remember to "BCC" your contacts if emailing to a group.
Hyde Park
Hyde Park is only a minute's walk away - consider it a nearby area for you to get some fresh air and revitalize.

If you're looking to be social and exercise, there are lots of weekly boot camp groups for you to join, too.
Our move will occur in two separate phases..
Get away from it all...
You will be provided with numbered labels for
your box of items, Laptop / PC and Monitor. This number will indicate the items to be moved for the removalists and correspond to your desk location within the new office.
do not take home your laptop
, as we will need to ensure it is configured for the new office equipment and ready for your use on day one.
Our new office gives us an opportunity to work together to create and maintain a workplace that is clean, organised, and professional. This will ensure that no matter who visits the office they will always see a well organised professional work space. The clear desk practice supports this philosophy and aligns with Hilton Worldwide office practices.

A clear desk enables individuals, and the business as a whole, to keep information confidential, improve safety, work smarter using digital filing, enable others to use our desk when we’re not there and help our cleaners and other suppliers provide their services without interfering with our work.

A clear desk means that at the end of each day the only items remaining will be monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, telephone handset and headset, and ergonomic equipment (ie footstool, gel wrist pad etc).

Personalisng your work station can be achieved by using the allocated perspex picture displays attached to each work station to display photographs or other personal items. Personal items can be stored in your desk storage unit at the end of each day.
Storage Space
Due to the clear desk policy and the limited space available to each team member, you will need to utilise your storage effectively.

You will have a three drawer filing cabinet at your desk which will act as your main storage for personal and work items.

There is limited wardrobe space, so you will need to take any clothing items home each day. If you have picked up dry-cleaning, please place it in the wardrobe - not at your desk.

The space under your desk must be kept clear and free of clutter. You will be allowed to keep one pair of shoes discreetly under your desk, only.

For all gym bags, shopping bags etc - please use your desk storage cabinet or take your items home at the end of the day.
Clear Desk Policy
Our new office is a corporate office which means visitors to the office may include guests, owners and investors, as such formal and detailed work environment guidelines will be distributed with your new contract for your review and signature.
Work Environment
It will cover the following areas, and answer your frequently asked questions:
Clear Desk Policy
Neighbourly Etiquette
Kitchen and Fridge Policy
Food Etiquette
Office Operations
General FAQS

to be moved
Your desk phone
Your desk filing cabinet
Any Hilton Sydney equipment
Any Noticeboards
Your desk chair
Items to be
limited hard copy work files and folders
Your Stationery
Personal items
New Contracts
Due to the change of ownership of Hilton Sydney, all team members not employed directly to perform work at Hilton Sydney (Centralised Finance and Corporate Team Members) will be provided with a new employment contract to remove all references to Hilton Sydney.

All terms of employment and leave balances will remain the same, however you will no longer have access to the facilities or benefits available to team members employed at Hilton Sydney. If you have an access card to any of the back of house areas at Hilton Sydney or a Hilton Sydney ID card you will need to return these prior to the office move.

For team members who currently have a dry-cleaning allowance, daily meal in Paris or car-parking benefit/discount these benefits will no longer be accessible. As such, team members with these existing benefits in their current employment agreement will be financially compensated for the loss of benefits and be presented with a new base salary rate.
Neighbourly Etiquette
Working in an open plan office means that you or your neighbours may be disrupted by music, loud conversations and other audible distractions if you are not mindful.

For this reason, please use headphones if you wish to listen to music, be mindful of any personal distracting mechanisms or noises (ie. whistling, singing, finger tapping, pen clicking etc) and if you wish to have a meeting of three or more people, please use a meeting room / appropriate space to avoid disrupting others.

Please also remember that some people may put on their headphones to concentrate without distraction and use it as a signal of 'do not disturb'. If you use earphones the noise level should not be audible to others in close proximity to you.
Food, Fridge & Kitchen Policy
Please note this is only an overview of the guidelines - a comprehensive policy will be provided with your contract for your perusal and signature.
Food Consumption
In an open plan office you may not be aware of other team members allergies, to avoid placing others at risk you must consume all meals and snacks in the dedicated meal area or outside of the office. Eating away from your desk will prevent others being distracted by noises associated with eating, like chewing, slurping & crunching. You may only consume hot and cold beverages at your desk, this does not include soup.

There is a specific breakout area for you to consume your meals and snacks, which will ensure you take a break from your desk and have the opportunity to interact with your colleagues.

It also helps us to maintain a clean and comfortable workplace and makes sure that sounds or smells in the open plan environment don’t distract others, particularly strong odours from heated foods.
Fridge & Kitchen Policy
To ensure our kitchen and fridge remains hygienic and pleasant for all to use, you will be required to place your used plates, cutlery and mugs in the dishwasher.

The fridge will be available for your use, however to combat issues arising from 'forgotten' food, each friday at 4:45pm, the fridge will be cleared of
Grooming Standards
Smart business attire to reflect
the professional image of Hilton Worldwide
We will re-circulate these grooming standards with your contract and other policies, however as an overarching statement, our grooming guidelines for men and women are:
With Hilton Worldwide being one of the largest and most reputable hotel chains in the world, we are representing a hotel brand that 9 out of 10 people in the world have heard of.

Despite no longer working within the Hilton Sydney hotel,
all team members will be required to adhere to the Hilton Worldwide corporate grooming standards.
This includes suit jackets being worn at all times when meeting clients, external contacts and guests.

Speculation Q & A
I have a Livingwell Gym Membership - will I still have access to the gym?
Yes, if you have existing membership to Livingwell Gym (as a benefit or your own accord), you will be able to continue using the gym.
Are we allowed to bring our pets into the office?
As much as we encourage a balanced work environment and would love to meet your furry friends, unfortunately we cannot allow this due to the diverse number of team members working in the office and consider those people who have allergies or may not be comfortable working with your pet around.
We're no longer working in the Hilton Sydney Hotel - can we wear comfy attire like jeans or slippers?

Unfortunately jeans and slippers are not in line with the Hilton Worldwide Grooming Guidelines and as such do not reflect the professional image of our brand - please refer to the grooming policy for detail of appropriate business attire.
Who is going to clean the kitchen? Will I be put on a cleaning roster?
You are responsible for your personal space and the impact you have on communal areas and ensuring these are kept clean. We will have cleaners come in three times a week to clean our premises, including the kitchen. They will stack / unstack the dishwasher, and on Friday evenings they will clear the fridge.
Will I have a bin under my desk?
To ensure that we are reducing waste and recycling as much as possible, you will not have an under desk bin. You will need to dispose of your rubbish in either the recycling bin or garbage bin, which are both located in the kitchen. As we will be transitioning to paperless, we expect that your paper usage will be minimal, however please use the shredding bins for any paper disposal

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