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Social Networks

No description

Adélaïde Ponton

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Social Networks

Facebook's birth
Or not ?
Facebook's utilisation
Social Networks

Connected or alone ?
Facebook life expectancy
Just for fun...
Marck Zuckerberg
Marck Zuckerberg and the history of facebook
- Marck Zuckerberg : creator of Facebook with the cooperation of Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes

- Created in the year 2004, at first, only for students from the Harvard university " The Facebook"

- 2006 : Facebook for every people
Why did he create Facebook ?
Let's talk about figures
- How much does Mark Zuckerberg earn ?

- Who has Facebook in this class?

- How often per day are you connected on Facebook ?

- Who spends more than one hour per day on it ?

- When was your last check ? Yesterday ? This morning or a few minutes ago ?
Not only Facebook but...
How long could it last ?
- Do you think that you are going to use
Facebook until you become old ?

Information faster and faster
= addiction
(for children too)
Thank you for your attention ;)
Tumblr, Google+, Ello, Vine,
Pheed, Jelly, Chaze
Facebook is the second website most visited in the world after Google. It counts about 1 Milliard of users
- To find friends

- To chat with friends, and keep contact with them

- To share informations, pictures, thoughts...

- Friends can create : - private/public group to share information
- events ( parties, strike, meeting)

The limits
Passive aggressive behaviour
I share
therefore I am
Poorness of the exchanges
is tired

have eaten sausage and potatoes !

oooh no, we are Monday :(
Forgot some friends
Access to private life and data
Why such a success ?
For the shy ones
Lose our time
Your best face

“A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa”

The Drifts
Facebook's dangerous challenges
Facebook's Challenges for charity
Ice Bucket Challenge :
to raise people awareness
of the ALS
Marck Zuckenberg
Wake up call challenge for celebrities :

to support UNICEF

But it caused victims for example : Corey Griffin one of the leader of the action
Book Bucket Challenge :

Same goal as Ice Bucket but less dangerous !!
Fire Challenge
In the water or a restaurant

Replaced with the challenge : a picture or a restaurant
The Challenge of
The bad Clowns
Obstacle course with the intervention of scary clowns that try to delay you...

But people like playing..

The new trend in October 2014 was to frighten people, threaten them...
Case in Nord Pas de Calais, Alsace, Lyon
- Social Networks only to share information, to enjoy publishing
your life?
A connected life is not necessarily a good life,

Status doesn't represent always the reality
Bad pictures / Situation
Negative image of you can be seen by your future employer
Social networks to help you to find a job ?
Or can social networks destroy your life? Moral ? Opinion of yourself ?
Lead to mockeries? Harassment ?
Projet X : Example of a drift
Event created on Facebook : degenerating party

The film inspired two boys in France and tried to reproduce the same party '' No Limit ''

Destroyed house and furniture
Six months in jail
'' neck your drink''

- Data exploitation ?
- Parallel internet on Facebook ?
- Or Twitter bigger than Facebook?
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