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Hispanic Heritage Month

Part of a series of presentations to middle school students of the school year's cultural months.

Toni Cross

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15 - October 15 Q: Sounds cool! Tell me more!

A: Well, the U.S. Library of Congress has determined this year's theme to be:
"Many Backgrounds, Many Stories...One American Spirit" Q: Who is Hispanic?
A: Anyone who came from or
whose parent(s) were from... There may be a few other questions you have that you may be embarrassed to ask... Q: Do all Hispanics know Spanish?
A: Nope, not at all! Q:Do i say:
latino? latina?
hispanic? Q: Excitement abounds! Where to begin?

A: Food, Music, and Literature are the easiest places to begin when learning about any culture... but try to go beyond "food and fiestas" well, that's interesting because many people who others would call "hispanic" prefer to identify with their families country of origin - "Colombian", "Venezuelan", "Mexican" - over the use of the term "Hispanic".

The general rule is to wait for that person to tell you rather than assuming you know.

until then, use other words to describe them, like: short, tall, funny, silly, cool... Q: What do Hispanics look like?
A: There is no "one" look: Hathaway Brown School celebrates Spain Spanish-Speaking countries
in the Caribbean Jennifer Lopez Jessica Alba Alexis Bledel - Gilmour Girls And of course:
Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
Sofia Vergara
Shakira ...
and many other
people that you know
and go to school with! Victoria Justice -
Nickelodeon Cameron Diaz - Shrek
(She was Fiona) engage in the arts - the alfombra is coming soon!
Ask your Spanish teachers! learn more about a particular spanish-speaking country
that interests you - the term "Hispanic" includes over 20 countries and 423 MILLION people! but most importantly - take the time to learn something new about how our lives are BETTER because of the diversity of cultures around us! http://hispanicheritagemonth.gov/ is a great
place to start Central America South America but not Brazil... although some
say that's up for argument. but asking questions is exactly what
this month is about! these apps
(goodreads, yummly, and pandora)
are a good place to begin;
search booklists,
start with a food item you like,
and program a station around one Latino/a artist that you know! Here are some
Latinas that
you may already
know... However, many Hispanics believe it's
important to learn Spanish, and many Hispanic parents are now making sure that their U.S. born children learn how to speak Spanish language can be an important connection to culture! Thanks for listening! oh, and you can find this prezi
by searching "Hispanic Heritage Month" on Prezi.com
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