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A Prezi on Prezis

Prezi: Make unique zooming presentations

Katie Will

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of A Prezi on Prezis

Tons of unique templates
Library of icons and images
Ability to insert images directly from the web
Easy to embed videos, slides from PowerPoint
Meaning and Movement
Templates can help illustrate points and portray concepts
Movement can illustrate time, growth, etc.
Public Prezis can be accessed from anywhere
Prezis can be downloaded for offline presentations
Simultaneous editing and collaboration capabilities
Embeddable and downloadable

Compelling and visual
Voice overs, music and videos
Easily insert voice, background music or videos directly into your presentation
Manipulate pieces like any others
Adds another level of engagement to the presentation
2D and 3D Templates and Backgrounds
Use Prezi's professionally designed templates
Use your own photos as the backdrop
Custom pathways and fade ins
Pathways can be as simple or complex as you want
Fade ins allow for richness without busyness
Don't get overwhelmed
Unique Uses and Examples
Obama vs. Romney http://prezi.com/urxyfuc1phta/obama-vs-romney/
Agrace Hospice Annual report http://prezi.com/ye0jtbxbydgh/annual-report-2013/

Unique Uses and Examples
Benefits of Prezi
Unique functions and features
Great examples
Prezi: a closer look
Prezi shortcuts, tips and tricks
Visual communications
Start small
Save often
Play around - a lot!
Use Prezi's tutorials
Learn the keyboard shortcuts
F - Draw frame, press again to change frame type (bracket, circle, rectangle or hidden)
L - Load a file on your canvas (image, pdf, video, swf)
S - Draw a shape, press again to change shape type (arrow, line, rectangle, circle, triangle)
P - Go to Path mode
1 - Zoom in
2 - Zoom out
3 - Rotate clockwise
4 - Rotate counter clockwise
Delete, Backspace - Delete selected object(s)
Left, Right, Up, Down - Move the selection 1 pixels
SHIFT + Left, Right, Up, Down - Move the selection 10 pixels
ALT + Mouse/trackpad movement - Move, resize, or rotate a frame without altering the content of that frame.
CTRL + S - Save prezi
CTRL + Z - Undo last action
CTRL + Y - Redo last undone action
CTRL + D - Duplicate selected object(s)
CTRL + C - Copy selected object(s)
CTRL + V - Paste copied object(s)
CTRL + SHIFT + M - Toggle screen ratio between the values: 4:3, 16:9, and off.
CTRL + SHIFT + C - Opens the Prezi CSS editor.
CTRL + SHIFT + D - Duplicates and flips your content, creating a mirrored version of your content (works for images and arrows but not text).
Esc(Escape key) - Finish current action or close open dialog
Space - Enters Present mode
Space then 0 - Enters Present Mode in fullscreen

Right, Left - Move Forward and Back along the Path
Up, Down - Smart Zoom in or out

B - Blackout the screen (move your mouse or press any other key to go back to presenting)

Space - Advance along the path (only in Present mode fullscreen)

PageUp, PageDown - Move Forward and Back along the Path (not in full screen)

Escape - End presentation
Presenting Shortcuts
Editing Shortcuts
Zooming and navigating
Most of the zoom work is done automatically
ctrl+SPACE to zoom all the way out
Navigation can be touchy at first
You can use pre-set frames and/or add your own
Invisible frames reduce clutter
Pascal's Prezume http://prezi.com/meknwt0dsc67/pascals-prezume/
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