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American Sign Language

No description

Iman Abdulhadi

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of American Sign Language

American Sign Language
American Sign Language is the main language of deaf communities in the USA and English speaking parts of Canada. ASL has many dialects, and is used around the world
History of ASL
American Sign Language in the World of Work
In a work environment, sign language is a very useful technique. American sign language is as many may know, a communication skill. Communicating is the exchange of information, thoughts, and opinions. Just like how when we're bilingual, we gain more job opportunities, knowing sign language is just as useful as learning a new language.
Basic Words
ASL Alphabet
How to Structure Sentences in ASl
What is ASL?
In ASL, the verb "to be" is absent. So instead of saying "I am going to the store" you would say "store I go" "I am" is missing. This effects a lot more phrases than you would think. Because "to be" is absent, it affects many more phrases than you would think.
How to speak with sign language
Sign Language began as early as the 1540's when the Plains Indians began to use sign to communicate with other tribes. ASL is thought to have been originated in the early 1800's when Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, a graduate from Yale University took interest in a young deaf girl named Alice. Thomas wanted to learn more about Alice, and decided to use gestures as communication. They then slowly started to develop a language.
Why ASL is important
ASL a way of life for many people. There are about 70 million people in this world that are deaf and use sign language as their first way of communicating. Imagine not being able to communicate with someone because they can't hear you, and you don't know what they are gesturing? ASL can help you get more jobs, and can help you in your everyday life.
Fourth most used language in the USA
70 million deaf people on earth
Around 13 million people can speak ASL fluently in the US
Using the picture of alphabet on your handout, students will use the information from the presentation to introduce themselves to the people beside them. They will sign "hello my name is ________."
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