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Week 2

Chris Bainbridge

on 6 February 2012

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Transcript of FDa-DMTP-MCP-02-Brief

After Half Term
FDa-Multi Camera Production
We will spend time in our own studio and being to learn to operate
the equipment in preparation for your recording day.

PDF manuals are available on Moodle for the vision switcher, talkback,
cameras and chromakey unit.
Can be found at FdAMedia/Year 1 Modules/Multi-camera Production

Updated weekly with lecture objectives, lecture documents, presentation materials and docs/links for further reading. It also contains documents vital to each assignment such as assignment briefs, schedules and calendars.

If you come across anything you think may benefit the group pass it onto bainbr1c@llandrillo.ac.uk and I will upload it onto Moodle.
3 groups
pen and paper
Have you chosen your groups?

Have you decided on your chosen type of
multi-camera production?

What roles will be necessary?

Multi-tasking will be inevitable so make sure your
group members play to their strengths

Who will undertake the required roles?

Have you started work on your 5 minute presentation?
(To be completed after half term)

It is important that you create evidence folders to store your evidence - planning, meeting minutes, research, studies etc

Hand in date - Monday 28th May 2012 (week 40)
Teamwork and
Ensure you have access to the Moodle page for this unit
Teamwork and communication
Brainstorming session
Role and procedure focus - Hand signals
Confirm your groups
Planning and preparation
Recap of Week 1 - Studio Roles

Vision Mixer



Sound mixer

VT Operator

Autocue Operator
Floor Manager


Production Assistant



Boom operator

Write down 20 words that start with the letter T
Create and write down 5 questions
that have the same answer
What strategy did your team use to
work together and accomplish the task?
Hand Signals
Agree ahead of time with on-air talent which nonverbal cues you will use and what they will mean.

Stand as close to the camera as possible so the talent won't have to look to the side to see cues. If you are communicating with talent who are on-air, make sure you do not talk out loud.

Cue talent who are talking on-air without talking yourself, by making hand and body signals big enough to see across the studio floor.
30 Second signal
Cross your arms with fists made just under your face to indicate that 30 seconds remain until you're On Air.
15 Second Signal
Turn in towards the camera raising your forearm parallel with your body whilst making a fist
10 Second Signal
Raise both hands, palms outstretched to show 10 digits, hold for a few seconds then withdraw
5 Second Signal
Raise your right hand to show the palm of your hand
then countdown 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 using your fingers.

If your cues are verbal you will audibly cue down
5 - 4 - 3 but 2 and 1 are not spoken and only shown on your fingers.

At zero, you can point at the talent to indicate that the countdown is over and they are on air or use a diagonal hand slash to indicate zero. Either gesture can be used as long as it is agreed with the talent.
Check this week's Moodle page for some documents on hand signals
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