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Comparing "The Most Dangerous Game" to "The Hunger Games"

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Diana Lewald

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Comparing "The Most Dangerous Game" to "The Hunger Games"

Beating The System Hunting Humans Rainsford and Zaroff
have dinner and a brandy
before Rainsford learns of his fate 1 Survivor = 1 Winner Remote Locations Both "Games" took place in remote areas
Making food, shelter, and survival problematic A comparison The Huger Games
The Most Dangerous Game The Most Dangerous Game Because General Zaroff has become bored with hunting large game, he begins to Hunt Humans Because Sailors are often Shipwrecked
on his island, prey is a large commodity. A boating accident washes Sanger Rainsford upon the shore of General Zaroff's Chateau Upon conversation, Rainsford
must fight, flee, or hide to
stay alive in this most dangerous game The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen lives
in a world called "Panem," formerly North America. Panem is punished yearly for an uprising many years ago. There are 12 Districts
in Panem. Each District
Must choose 2 "Tributes"
to Participate
in a dangerous game
until there is only 1 tribute
remaining. Katniss's sister was chosen,
but being just 12 years old, Katniss
volunteers to take her place.
Now she must fight for her life and treat the other contestants as game to keep her mind off murder, and win the contest to live. In Both games, Contestants Are civilized to Play Zaroff gives Rainsford the option of playing the game or being whipped to death by Ivan, his large and colossal sized slave. During her train ride to the capitol,
a starving Katniss receives treatment she never knew existed. Hot water from the showers, silky sheets, and food like she has never eaten. After arriving at the Capital,
the delicacies continue. Katniss even has a personal stylist to get her ready for the games. They wax her body and lotion her down. She makes an impression on the crowd with her flaming hair and cape. She even makes an impression on Effie, her escort at the games that has little faith in the girl's survival. If Rainsford can survive 3 days without Zaroff , Ivan, or the dogs killing him, he can walk away a winner by default. If Katniss can kill all 23 contestants, including Peeta, her partner from District 12 whom she is falling for, she will be the victor and live to tell the tale. Rainsford formulates a plan: Rather than live in fear, he sets a trap for Zaroff that kills him and Rainsford lives his days out in Zaroff's riches. Because winning the Hunger Games offers a meager prize, and neither Katniss nor Peeta desire to kill each other, Katniss derives a plan in which she and her teammate will eat poisonous berries. This way, there will be no winner of the games. Since this will look bad upon the Capitol, they announce them both as co-winners of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. By Diana Lewald
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