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Group 1: Conflict Resolution

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Beth Punsalan

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Group 1: Conflict Resolution

Choose Your Battles Wisely Group 1: Conflict Resolution Conflict-a serious disagreement or argument DISCUSS: What FEELINGS get expressed
when we have a serious disagreement with
someone? PHYSICALLY... Or VERBALLY DISCUSS: This is why it is so important to
before doing something we might later regret... SLOW DOWN by Taking a short break from the person
we are in conflict with... Take some slow deep breaths so we can
calm ourselves and think clearly We can use our brains.... To think of solutions

To problem-solve

To ask ourselves some
GOOD QUESTIONS... Did s/he deliberately set out to upset me? If so, why?
Is it
Revenge? Is this just a misunderstanding? Could it be this person
just had a bad day and
took it out on me? Do I have my facts straight?

Have I been listening to rumors
that might not even be true?

Am I jumping to conclusions? Was s/he being inconsiderate? Am I taking this too personally?

Am I being too sensitive?

Am I overreacting? Is this person all bad or all good or
somewhere in between? As long as you continue to see the other person
as "all bad", you will remain stuck in anger,
hurt, and the desire for revenge. Ask yourself: DO I REALLY HAVE TO BE "RIGHT" ALL THE TIME? What do I really have to gain from
keeping the anger
and conflict going? Do we both want a peaceful
end to this conflict? If the answer is YES, then
commit to working toward
a solution you can both agree upon. Next session, we will begin learning
some of the skills we need to resolve
conflicts peacefully. decision; solution Resolution-a firm When we get ANGRY with someone,
we may have the impulse
to harm them
in some way... If we deal with conflict by hurting others physically or verbally, what kinds of things can happen? We can Instead of our biceps WORDS HURT Put on the brakes! or deliberately mean? or would I rather get along? or deliberately trying to be mean?
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