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Geography LEDC Ecotourism: San Pedro, Ivory Coast

MYP Geography Project

Paul MacMichael

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Geography LEDC Ecotourism: San Pedro, Ivory Coast

Tourism in an LEDC:
San Pedro, Ivory Coast By Paul MacMichael
9 ORANGE Introduction to Ivory Coast and San Pedro OUTLINE Features and Basic Plans Developmental Indicators and Economic Benefits Social Needs Sensitivity to the Environment View from Different Interest Groups Conclusion IVORY COAST West Africa Close to Equator Bordering Countries and Ocean Population, Area and Other Important Facts SAN PEDRO Location in Ivory Coast Proximity to Points of Interest Map of Region Location of Tourism Project Features of Tourism Resort Hotel built from local resources Bilingual local employees (French and English) Room for 32 people Located in the port district No restaurant in the hotel Hotel built from local resources Area of hotel cut down Wood from trees used for construction Extra wood given to locals 1 cut, 1 planted Local bilingual employees (French and English) Language school Best students employed 8 employees Room for 32 People 16 rooms 2 people per room Local made furniture Located in the Port District On the water Hotel has private beach Near major roads No restaurant in hotel Why? Local places to eat Multiplier Effect Hotel Location Main Road Bank Restaurant Beach Location of Hotel in San Pedro How to get there: Fly to Abidjan Shuttle Bus to San Pedro DEVELOPMENTAL INDICATORS Life Expectancy at Birth GNI per capita Primary School Enrollment % Life Expectancy at Birth Only 55 Above average for Region Very low compared to MEDCs Needs improvement GNI per capita 553,261.42 CFA Francs (local currency) Only US$1,100 Below average for the region Needs improvement Primary School Enrollment % 88% Might seem high, but not Way below average for region Needs a LOT of improvement ECONOMIC BENEFITS Minimal leakage Multiplier Effect (ME) More people, more money Social Needs Better healthcare New schools Sensitivity to the
Environment 1 cut, 1 planted Environmentally friendly products View from Different Interest Groups Government Locals Tourists Conclusion Can tourism provide sustainable economic development while being sensitive to the environment and addressing the social needs of an area? THANK YOU
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