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No description

Kendra Uy

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Technopreneurship

Our Technopreneur
The Business
The Interview

CEO at Hypass Production Studio Inc.
CEO at Ardent Networks Incorporated
CEO at Overland Logistic
President at IronFort Incorporated
President/CEO at AMTI


3rd Generation Chinese by blood.
Age 48
From Manila
Father – from main land China
Mother – 2nd generation Chinese born in Manila
1 Sister – Pilot pens
1 Brother – journalist (passed away recently)
Was born middle class
Simple Family

Xavier and Grace
Mapua – BS Electrical Engineering

To be a globally competitive provider of ICT solutions and services. With a highly competent and dedicated workforce committed to exemplary and value-added service to our Customer, Company and Country with God’s wisdom and guidance.
To maintain business leadership as Systems Integrator and provider of innovative, total ICT infrastructure solutions in the country enabling our clients to be the benchmarks of their industries.
AMTI is an eminent Philippine Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company dedicated on delivering breakthrough and best in class total business solutions and services.

AMTI is driven on providing its client-partners innovative, quality-assured end-to-end business solutions and services for the entire ICT infrastructure.This massive technological capability enables the company to service largeenterprise companies who have made AMTI their partner and supplier of choice through the years.
Core business division of AMTI specialized in providing hardware solutions

Includes revolutionary I.T. equipment such as desktops, laptops and large-scale servers and storages.
Enterprise Systems Group
AMTI-Accensia is the Outsourcing and Service Division of AMTI offering total I.T. Systems Management – I.T. Managed Services (IMS) and Technical Infrastructure Management (TIM).
The Solutions Group is a dedicated division of AMTI focused on Infostructure and Data Center Solutions and Vertical Solutions.
Solutions Group
Technology Savvy
Dares to be different
Very Passionate
Does not fear failure

Traits of a technopreneur

Coined from two words: “technology” and “entrepreneurship.”
First known use of the term was in 1987
More recognized during 2000
Still in its babyhood

History of technopreneurship

Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Creators of Google

Famous Technopreneurs

Steve Jobs – Creator of Apple Inc.

Famous Technopreneurs

Business are generally marked with high growth potential
Business are potentially marked with high leverage of knowledge and intellectual property
New products make big impacts in society

Advantages of Being a Technopreneur

Technopreneurs are entrepreneurs who are into the core businesses involving technology-based industries.

Who are technopreneurs?

Bill Gates – Creator of Microsoft

Famous Technopreneurs

Expenses for research and development are usually high
Creating a product is risky
Intense competition

Disadvantages of being a Technopreneur

Technopreneurs aim to continuously go through an organic process of continual improvement and always try to redefine the dynamic digital economy.

Goals of Technopreneurs

Technopreneurs try to combine both technology and entrepreneurship in one idea. This means that the development of an entrepreneurial activity must be in line with the technology use.

What do technopreneurs aim to do?

A technopreneur is an entrepreneur who is involved with high technology.

What is a technopreneur?

What is it?
“I believe the next generation should be better. You should be better than us.”
The other businesses
Business sectors
The company’s inception was in 1996.
core business was in reselling I.T. hardware components.
Located in the business hub of Pasig City,
only 19 employees
a vision to deliver exemplary business benefits to its clients through foremost technological innovations.
pioneer clients of AMTI have bolstered the company to profitability, efficiency and resiliency.
AMTI evolved to be an end-to-end I.T. solutions provider.
AMTI revamped its product and service portfolios and repositioned itself as a Systems Integrator driven on serving the needs of large-scale enterprises and government markets.
Business partners
The Start
He was business minded

“Capital problems did not allow me to stop.”

Started right after graduating college 1988 at 23 years old.

Started with computer rentals for word processing (P20 / hr to P15/hr to P12/hr)

“If you have and idea and you are good enough, there are so much rich people that will (bank?) for you.”

There are a lot of rich people but they don’t know what business to get into. They look for someone to invest in.
Why Technology?
The PC came out in 1986. His father had foresight and gave up a lot in order to purchase one. “I was given the opportunity to tinker and write programs. I fell in love.” Also loves games.

“We believe technology is an equalizer. If you’re good, that can be your skill.”

2nd Batch to Graduate making them instant managers (know computers, kami lang marunong)

“I came in a the right time” (88’ PC Revolution)

Electrical is old business, IT is different.

NERD – status symbol (“hindi naman kami nerd”)

“Technology allows people who are innovative and forward looking to have an advantage”

“Technology is never ending”
What Motivates
“Always be number 1 or a strong 2nd”

Advice: If you have potential, keep quiet. Don’t let the big ones know what you’re doing. They will kill you even before you grow.

“Puppy dog mentality”

* IT is always risky

* For example – selling ($ currency rates change before you sell all, if you don’t sell, 3-6 mos new model = you can incur loss in MILLIONS)

* Stock and Sell Model – very dangerous like buying stocks in the stock market (chip, memories, cdrom, etc.)

* Only buy if there are customers

* IT - client, desktop, laptop, storage, server, software, applications, os, licenses, security, equipment

* When you move in IT, you must take into account 4-5 years of forward looking

* “What will be the technology next?"

* “We have to know the technology 3-5 years from now. It’s like betting on a horse.” (instead they bet on robots, etc.)

* INVESTING – train engineers, pay them, no sure returns(wala pang balik), if the technology blows off, you lose (if pumutok yung technology wala ka)

* “TRUST IS GOOD, CHECK IS BETTER” checks bounce, no collateral if clients run

* Be careful in business. Don’t give credit easily. (Wag lagi magpautang baka masunog sometimes even to relatives and friends)
* Always up to date with technology

* IT is not boring – his opinion

* Must always be trained

* “As you grow you will not be as sharp as before”

* “Can your brain and body take it?”
* IT system integration requires BIG capital and investors

* Instead you can be technology savvy – ikaw mismo, you don’t neet to pay

* OUR TIME – Steve Jobs and Bill gates

* NOW – Mark Zuckerberg

* START LOOKING AT THE “CLOUD” – internet – LOW risk, LOW capital

* 30 yr olds – BPO – super rich sell people from $5 to $13 per hour

* “I buy coins in Clash of Clans” I'm still playing at my age “I have to think like you guys”

* Always read online, all over the internet.

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