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Tackling Traffic

No description

Raivat Shah

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Tackling Traffic

NEW YORK (May 5, 2010) – Today NIKE, Inc. (NYSE: NKE) unveiled its strategy and key initiatives to achieve sustainable, long-term growth across its global portfolio of brands and businesses.

During its investor meeting in New York, the Company announced a revenue target of $27 billion by the end of fiscal 2015 based on growth expectations across its portfolio, which includes the NIKE Brand, Cole Haan, Converse, Hurley, Jordan Brand, NIKE Golf and Umbro. Additionally, the Company believes it can generate over $12 billion of cumulative free cash flow from operations through 2015.

Both goals extend NIKE, Inc.’s long-term financial model of high single-digit revenue growth, mid-teens earnings per share growth, and expanding returns on capital.
Nike - Just Do It

Thank You!
A project By: Aashini Shah, Aiman Ranginwala, Bhavya Parikh, Danisha Mehta, Maitrak Nirmal, Mihir Kanani, Meet Rajguru, Nitika Amin, Om Patel, Parth Thakrar, Pooja Parmar, Radhey Ruparel, Raivat Shah, Rutvi Shah, Sahil Singh, Salif Kadri, Saumya Nanavati, Shiv Patel, Srushti Shah, Swaraj Mangaonkar and Tanisha Pandit.

Under the Guidance of Minno Joshi(MGIS Faculty), Ravinder Kaur(MGIS Faculty) and Joona Sheel(MGIS Faculty)
Possible Outcomes
- Developing a new zebra-crossing near the school
- Making a advertisement or a documentary to make people aware.
- A small animation clip to educate people about the traffic rules.
- Jingles
- Posters
- Many kinds of Digital Marketing
ATL Skills
Communication skills:-
As we have to communicate with different people (AMC officials, School Community, Traffic Officials and Ordinary citizens), in different languages. Also we may be doing presentations in front of officials and people so for that we have to have good communication skills
Collaborating skills:
- We have to collaborate with our school community, AMC and Traffic officials to focus and try to solve the issue. The collaboration will include full participation from everyone and our group members and also their help to spread awareness.
Creative Thinking Skills:-
We will have to think creatively to get unique ideas on how to solve the issue and to come out with a different and a unique product which has a big impact on the issue and also spread awareness.
Organization skills-
To organize and set deadlines, we need to maintain a daily schedule which we have to follow to reach our goal, from which our organizational skills will improve.
Sustainable innovation cuts across everything we do – from designing products and developing and sourcing new materials, to devising lower-impact ways to manufacture, package and transport those items.

To succeed, we must build, strengthen and embed new innovation capabilities throughout the company. In the last two years, key milestones have included moving the Sustainable Business & Innovation team into NIKE’s broader Innovation function and establishing a Sustainable R&D organization and a Sustainable Product Team. The Sustainable R&D organization focuses on discovering new, environmentally preferred materials that enhance athlete performance. The Sustainable Product Team drives the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing practices across NIKE’s product portfolio. Combined, these two groups help us grow our business more responsibly by creating products that deliver the highest-possible performance while minimizing our environmental
Presentation by Parth Thakrar
After prices rose and labor organized in Korea and Taiwan, Nike begins to urge contractors to move to Indonesia, China, and Vietnam.

Problems start in 1991 when activist Jeff Ballinger publishes a report documenting low wages and poor working conditions in Indonesia.
IB Learner Profiles
- Communicator
- Risk Taker
- Open Minded
- Thinker
- Reflector
- Knowledgeable
- Inquirer
Evaluating The Product
We will evaluate the product by surveys, interviews and Polls

We will evaluate the against the design specifications.

Documenting the Process
The End
Thank you
- Visual thinking diagrams
- Bulleted lists
- Charts
- Short Paragraphs
- Notes
- Timelines, action plans
- Annotated research
- Screenshots of a blog or wedsite
- Artifacts from inspiration visits to museums, performances, galleries
- Pictures, photographs, sketches
- Up to 30 secs of visual or audio material
- Self and peer assessment feedback
Command terms
- List
- Discuss
- Predict
- Classify
- Synthesis
- Reflect
- Deduce
- Justify
- Analyze
- Examine
- Evaluate

Nike is one of the largest manufacturers of athletic apparel and sporting equipment in the world, therefore it has numerous, distinct missions and aims. As with all publicly traded companies, Nike’s first objective is to make a profit for the shareholders.

Nike Sponsoring CR7 as a classic player
The NIKE Brand is the most powerful asset in the NIKE, Inc. portfolio, accounting for approximately 85 percent of total revenue. NIKE, Inc.’s Other Brands continue to increase their contribution to the Company’s overall growth strategy. “With our acquisition of Umbro, NIKE has extended its position as the biggest football Company in the world,” Parker said. “Hurley continues to outperform everyone in its market; Cole Haan has tremendous opportunity for growth; and Converse, nearly a $1 billion business, has developed strategies to double its revenue by 2015.
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