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A brief look at the culture and geography of Canada

Wesley Jordan

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of Canada

Canada A brief look at Canada's geography and culture Geography Canada is north of the United States of America
Has direct access to the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans
A rich variety of wildlife and natural resources
Diverse physical features and beautiful landscapes You are here This is Ottawa The Capital of Canada Summer Winter Toronto Canada's most populated city Quebec City Montreal Quebec is the province that has a French Heritage
It includes the cultural hubs of Montreal and Quebec City
French speaking Canadians are called Francophones
Because the Francophones fear losing their culture, they want to secede from Canada and make their own nation
The French Canadians missed the opportunity to secede in the last election by only 53,000 votes French Culture Quebec City Skyline Montreal History To understand Canada's culture, you have to look at its past 5.6 million people The new world France and England were competing for land in the new world
France focused on sending explorers into the new world and working with the Indians to collect furs England, on the other hand, was more concerned with settling colonies
They did, however, send some traders into northern Canada to tap into the fur market Do you think this caused problems? FRANCE WAR! England and France went to war
This was called the French and Indian War in the United States, because that's who the colonials were fighting
However, in the Canada, it is referred to as the Seven Years War
France lost, and ceded all its land to England Why do you think this area is so heavily influenced by the French? Vowing not to make the same mistakes with Canada, England signed the British North America Act in 1867
This simply states that Canadians could rule themselves, but they had to remain subject to Great Britain England continued to rule Canada as it expanded westward to the pacific
After the American Revolution, many loyalists decided to move to Canada
Much like their neighbors to the south (that's us), Canada eventually started having problems with British rule Culture Not wanting to make the same mistakes, Great Britain signed the British North America Act in 1867
This states that Canadians could rule themselves as long as they stayed subject to England Key Terms Cultural Diffusion Cultural Diversity The spreading of ideas between cultures when a wide variety of cultures are present in a country Cultural Diffusion in Canada Canada borrowed ideas from both Great Britian and the United States when making their government Monarchy from England Canada has a monarch.
However, unlike an absolute monarchy (where the king or queen has total control), the primary duty of the “Crown” in Canada is to “ensure that a democratic government is always in place.” Queen Elizabeth II Constitution from the U.S. Canada also has a constitution. This document says the real power in the country lies with an elected leader, called the Prime Minister. He oversees a group of representatives that make up a lawmaking body known as the Parliament. Constitutional Monarchy A monarchy in which the powers of the king or queen are restricted to those granted under the constitution and laws of the nation
Oftentimes, the citizens elect representatives to make the laws You also see cultural diffusion in other areas Sports Entertainment Do you think people from the U.S. and Canada share cultural ideas? Give at least 3 examples from the presentation and explain why this is cultural diffusion. Canadian Tundra
While the tundra may be good for a variety of wildlife (such as caribou, arctic foxes, and snow geese), people tend to live near the south due to warmer climates and more resources. Two types of tundra exist: Arctic and Alpine tundra. Both feature extremely cold climates with short growing seasons and little rain.

Arctic tundra consists of permafrost, a layer of frozen soil that never melts.

Alpine tundra exists above timberline on tall mountains such as in the Canadian Rockies. Canada is the United States largest trading partner WHY? Location
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