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Into the wild

No description

Toon Meijer

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Into the wild

Index - Story
- Ending
- Music and cinematography
- Time and setting
- Characters
- Casting
- Our opinion Story - Based on a true story
- Chris McCandless
- Goes on a long trip
- Meets Jan Burres
- Works for Wayne
- Canoes down the Colorado
- Meets Ron Franz
- Works for Wayne again
- Goes to Alaska
- 'Magic Bus Day' Music and Cinematography - Eddie Vedder
- Micheal Brooks
- Golden Globe - Eric Gautier
- Landscapes and panoramas Time and Setting - Death of Chris McCandless
- His adventures
- His visits to Wayne
- Flashbacks - Movie lookalike of the book Characters - Christopher McCandless
- Wayne Westerberg
- Jan Burres
- Ron Franz
- Walter & 'Billie' McCandless Casting Chris McCandless was played by Emile Hirsch Casting Jan Burres was played by Chaterine Keener Wayne Westerberg was played by Vince Vaughn Casting Walter McCandless was played by William Hurt Wilhelmina 'Billie' McCandless was played by Marcia Harden Director included random people in the movie Ending - Chris wants to go back
- Cause of death is different Our opinion Book: high level of detail Movie: beautiful landscapes and soundtracks - Well told story
- Beautiful cinematography
- Awesome music Indescribable movie
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