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The Hobbit Character Map

No description

Shivam Patel

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of The Hobbit Character Map

Characters Main Character: Bilbo Baggins
Wise Old Wizard: Gandalf The Grey
Leaders of the Dwarves: Thorin Oakenshield
Big Fiesty Bear: Beorn
Moon Letter Elf: Elrond
Archer: Bard
Dwarves: Balin, Dwalin, Kili, Fili, Nori, Dori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, BOMBUR!!!!!!!!!, and Thorin.
Some creature we do not know, but most people call him a Riverfolk: Gollum Dwarve Relationships Look above you. Balin Dwalin Brother Bifur Cousin Bofur Cousin Bombur Brother Dori Brother Nori Ori Brother Brother Kili Brother Kili Thorin Uncle Leader Gloin Brother Oin Dwarves Major Events * The beginning of the journey
* Bilbo and The Dwarves get captured by three trolls
* Bilbo and The Dwarves fight goblins and introduction of Gollum
* The defeat of Smaug
* The Battle of Five Armies Who was involved in these events? * Bilbo, Gandalf, and the thirteen dwarves.

* William, Bert, Tom, Bilbo, Gandalf, and the thirteen dwarves

* Goblins, Gollum, Bilbo, Gandalf, and the thirteen dwarves

* Bard, Bilbo, Gandalf, the thirteen dwarves

* Elves, lake-men, dwarves, goblins, and wargs The Journey Trolls Goblins & Gollum Defeat of Smaug Battle of Five Armies Shire Rivendell Misty Mt. Mirkwood Lonely Mt. The End Thats all I got. No tricks this time. The Hobbit Character Map By: Shivam Patel The Hobbit Character Map Bilbo had an unexpected
party. Thorin and Co. meet Elrond Thorin and Co. get attacked by goblins Thorin and Co. meet Beorn Where the treasure lies
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