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Employ new technologies in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning and harness pupil engagement

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Evan pugh

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Employ new technologies in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning and harness pupil engagement

Digital Learning Vision Through the confident, creative and innovative use of digital technologies we will achieve outstanding learning and progress Students will be able to effectively manage and engage with,
the rapidly changing landscape of technology to ensure
they fulfil their lives personally, economically and socially Students will be critical consumers of information and be able to utilise a range of sources and resources to enable them to be effective learners
They will also become contributors and creators We will use technology to collaborate with other students and schools across the world Why change ? today's world is not the world we grew up in and today's world will not be the world our children grow up in our students are wired for multimedia played more than 10,000 hours of video games sent and received 250,000 emails and texts spent 10,000 hours on phones watched more than 20,000 hours of tv seen more than 500,000 commercials have spent less than 4,000 hours reading spent less than 9,000 hours attending school we live in a world of radical change, not temporary change and then going back to the status quo.
we are talking about constant and never-ending change - change for today, tomorrow, and forever
We know teaching as talking doesn't work.
We know that project based learning is dramatically more effective in helping students to learn 'If we continue to do things that aren't working. we have to consider who has the learning problem' we have to consider how to re-shape at least part of the current classroom learning experience - the way we teach, the way students learn and start addressing the digital learning styles and learning preferences of the digital generation Torquay Academy Our Fronter Journey Year 3 Year 1 The ICT provision will be flexible to allow the curriculum to be presented in a variety of settings

ICT will be integral to the delivery of the curriculum

Learning platforms will create opportunities for personalized learning

ICT will create online learning opportunities at college, at home
and at partner institutions Evan Pugh
Susie Nash
Gareth Thorpe Aims for our session:

to share the journey we are on in terms of digital learning
to share some examples of classroom practice
to give you some nuggets of ideas to take back and implement in your school Through the confident, creative and innovative use of digital technologies we will achieve outstanding learning and progress Susie - QR Codes and Blogging Gareth - future of digital curriculum The future? What can you put into a QR code?
Website URL
YouTube Video
Google Maps Location
App Store Download
iTunes Link
Plain Text
Telephone Number
Skype Call
SMS Message
Email Address
Email Message
Contact Details
Wifi Login (Android Only)
Paypal Buy Now Link Finding out how many pupils had appropriate tech and how many had the app

Getting pupils to get an appropriate app HOMEWORK

Watch: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/kevin-mccloud-slumming-it/4od

Make notes about at least 4 positive and 4 negative impacts of rural to urban migration.

Due: next Wednesday STATS:

Nearly 1300 page views so far

People from across the world have viewed it

About a third of the page views are from mobile devices

During the 2 weeks of the GCSE Geography exams the blog had over 500 hits Problem Solving ` Information Fluency Collaboration ` Creativity Media Fluency Digital Change... Gareth Thorpe
Welcome to the digital generation... Channel 4’s documentary on the Hotel in Torquay.

Afraid to use ICT
Chaos from not having bookings online
Year 7 students could do it! Lets make it local / regional / global Developing "Digital Literacy" across the School Staff Subject Areas Consume
Remix “That's the way
we have always
done it!” Students Age is not the determining factor in students ability to be digital fluent but their familiarity and experience of applying ICT is more relevant. Digital Divide Access Opportunity “That's the way we have always done it!” Not anymore... #nextgeneration Natives This is not the world I started teaching in & it will not be the world I finish my career in We need to look at our classroom practice -
What can we change to support the way in which
our students learn?

We need to address the way students access teaching & learning - come on it's 2012 not 1912 Students - need to develop their independent study skills - Well lets let them BYOT! Feel free to share links Share Ideas Contribute Adapt their skills Collaboration What changes have we made so far... NO MORE OFFICE SKILLS Move towards web based applications Projects that combine skills from all areas Literacy & Numeracy Is it perfect? Is it finished yet? No We have three sections:
Computer Science
Digital Literacy
Digital Creativity Giving Students different pathways through assessments / projects Employ new technologies in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning and harness pupil engagement www.digitallearningmedia.com
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