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SVE Career Day

Presentation to Brendan's Grade 3 Class (April 15, 2010)

Gary Wong

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of SVE Career Day

Education My Name Gary Wong My Career I Work for the Ministry
of Environment "Architect" "Consulting" What do I like about my job? Examples of what we do... Ever built a model plane?

Ever built Lego? Computers "IT" My Job Senior Consulting Architect My Office "Consulting" "Architect" as in 'consult with your doctor...' ... without instructions?

If for fun or to create something
unique to share with others OK! But if it will be used often and by many people... Not so OK! designed to:
work well for more than one person at a time
work well in many places at the same time
work well with what we have now
work well with what we plan to have next year or next several years... works well for the *whole* enterprise ... share thoughts and ideas with others who work to make BC "a clean, healthy and naturally diverse environment" ... people in many buildings in many cities across BC, or even across the country always learning - the computer field is always changing and growing something I believe in - a better environment for all working with people I like and respect - and believe in the same thing Thank You All! Need a good design! I work with people in my building, but also... + my first portable game from 1980's!!
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