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Conflict Diamonds

No description

nicole elyukin

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Conflict Diamonds

By Nicole Elyukin Conflict Diamonds The civil war in Sierra Leone started in 1991 and officially ended in 2002. The rebels during this war affected Sierra Leone in many terrible ways in order to get conflict
diamonds Civil War in Sierra Leone Civil War in Sierra Leone RUF The RUF (Revolutionary United Front) was known for murder, rape, mutilation, and recruiting child soldiers. At first, they were only interested in overthrowing Sierra Leone's corrupt government and bringing equality to it's people. However, they quickly became interested in only gaining power and taking over the diamond industry just like government they were trying to overthrow was. End of the War In 1999, the rebels behind the RUF seized parts of Freetown from Ecomog. After weeks of bitter fighting they agreed to a truce leaving behind 5000 dead. This truce than fell apart in 2000 when the rebels captured Freetown. In 2002, the war was officially declared over. The People of Sierra Leone The RUF affected Sierra Leone in many horrible ways and the people of Sierra Leone were left traumatized by all the things they witnessed the RUF do. The RUF maimed and killed their people. During the election for a new government the chopped people's hands off to stop them from voting. They amputated limbs of thousands, including children, using machetes and axes. They kidnapped and recruited child soldiers, and gave them cocain and other drugs to make them kill and maim others as well. Young girls were often taken as sex slaves. While some were escaped or freed, all the people of Sierra Leone were left traumatized. Diamonds Mining for Diamonds resulted in a change of Sierra Leone's Landscape Diamond miners in the Kono district of eastern Sierra Leone have left behind thousands of mining pits. Wildlife has vanished, topsoil has eroded, and land once suitable for farming is now a desolate moonscape. Abandoned mining pits have created a public health disaster as well. When the pits fill with stagnant rainwater, they become infested with mosquitoes, spreading malaria and other water-borne diseases. Former army corporal, Foday Sankoh and his Revolutionary United Front (RUF) begin to campaign against President Momoh (the president of Sierra Leone) by capturing towns on border with Liberia Diamonds form under extreme heat and pressure. This extreme heat and pressure in the earth transformed the carbon into crystals and turned it colorless. Although diamonds formed deep in the earth, volcanic activity is what brought them to the surface. Hence, these volcanic pipes have diamonds in them. Works Cited
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