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John Hanson

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Beowulf

And its discriptive language The Demon that haunts the land. Thro Thi The fight between Beowulf and Grendal is epic and what helps it along is the great discriptive language
What Happens is the Monster Grendal comes to the great mead hall to kill the men inside of it.
But as the chaos starts beowulf steps in and fights Grenal as an equal, and ultimatly defeates the monster. With ought modern techniques creating an image in one's head is easier said then done But with a discrption like this: The horrible monster endured a wound The bone-locks of his shoulder gave way and his sinews sprang out you can't help but see a vivid, disturbing image. Most of the fight scene is like this and it really creates a good story Grendal The prolouge explains the origins of the setting, the first leaders, and the one they have now. Hrothgar has become a very succesful king and has built a great Mead Hall called Heorot. He and his men would baisicly party there but soon the become plauged by a menace known as Grendal. Don't Look here!!!!! In the next scene a golden goblet had been stolen from a powerfull dragon. In its anger the dragon laid waste to most of Beowulf's Kingdom. Now Beowulf is out for blood, to get revenge for the lives lost during the dragon attack. The last scene of the book is the funeral of Beowulf. This scene is quite sad because the poeple have just lost one of thier most beloved kings. The deatails and word choice that go into describing the pillars of smoke that envelop Beowulf as he floats out to sea are very extremley "eye catching" if you will. Beowulf
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