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first wierd prezi

No description

matt krueger

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of first wierd prezi

theres no point in this

if you dident know that you might need to go back to math the whale is the all knowing creature dont underestemate it our school is jacked up and anyone who ever reads this shouldent go to whitehorse middle school. internet stalkers should get a life insted of stalking girls for no reason any nerds reading this get off right now because this is to powerful for you to see theres 2 many druggies in the world and there should be some anti drug act or somthing the 4 real wonders of the world powerthirst paintball videogames idiots powerthirst is a godly substance that when you drink it you win at everything forever. This is vary important because if there was no powerthirst no one would ever win at everything and life would suck paintball is an extreme sport that is sometimes used for combat training but everyone can play it. It's vary fun to bunker people and play paintball just remember to save some money up so you can go next week videogames are the reason that god invented the joystick. its the non stop entertainment mechine that everyone always wanted and thats awesome. idiots are the sorce of comody in the world if there were no idiots there would be no comedy and this would would be vary boring for example. who would be stupid enough to surf on a matress on a truck thats going 100 MPH? idiots would be stupid enough to take the task all you have to do is videotape it and you got comedy for the bar next friday.
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