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Water Pollution: World Issues Seminar

No description

Alisha Talpur

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Water Pollution: World Issues Seminar

Effects of water pollution! Effects on wildlife and environment Impact on Humans Contaminated water
Bioaccumalation of heavy metals
Nitrate poisoning
Developmental and Reproductive problems Industrial Waste Treatment


Septic Tanks

Ozone waste water treatment

Limestone Water Pollution A serious problem What water pollution means... The causes of water pollution Types of Water Pollution Ways you can prevent Water Pollution! By Lisa, Alisha and Robert Exxon Valdez Spill The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Rio de janeiro sewage rupture Ganges River in India Acidic Water
Bioaccumalation of Mercury
Disruption of the food chain
Algae blooms
Death by Plastic
Loss of Habitat "Marine pollution is a big issue. There is this idea that oceans have unlimited inertia, but nano-particles of plastic getting into marine animals and the food chain are affecting fish fertility rates, and this affects food security and coastal populations. Pollution is having a huge impact on the oceans, and is urgent and needs to be dealt with."
-Biological oceanographer Dr Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez Gulf of Mexico - A lot of chemicals, sewage, and urban runoff from neighboring coastlines

-BP Oil Spill

-The rate of algae bloom increased causing oxygen depletion

-As a result cannot sustain aquatic organisms “I opened the tap at home and found black, viscous, stinking water coming out. After one month, it happened again, then it was happening once a week, then daily. My neighbors experienced the same thing.”

-Rakesh Jaiswal Citizen of India - Sewage, litter and chemicals
-Citizens drink, pray, and bathe in the river
-Shows no imminent solution Avoid/reduce the use of plastic Dispose of chemicals/hazardous waste materials safely

Use your vehicle less

Avoid using herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers

Use products that are lower in VOC's Ill disposal of waste (Radioactive, Sewage, Industrial)
Fertilizers and Pesticides
Municipal Waste
Oil Pollution
Underground Leakage
Marine Dumping Ways to treat the pollution Two main types:
-Point Source pollution (pollutant goes strait into water)
-Non-point source pollution (runoff of pollutant into waterway) Toxic Substance Organic Substance More specific Types:

Ecological Pollution Thermal Pollution Future Water Supply and Asia THE END :)
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