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Smart Rooms for Smart Kids

attempt 3

Shauna Sitarek

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Smart Rooms for Smart Kids

Smart Rooms for Smart Kids Current Pictures of the MLB Interviews Student Faculty What is a learn lab? Steelcase Steelcase's influence on our university so far: Cost and Time Survey Our ideas “Students eat, sleep, and breathe technology” -Steelcase -What their least favorite part of the MLB?
-Do they feel renovations are necessary?
-Did they get lost in the MLB?
62% of students feel as though renovations ARE necessary to the MLB
43% say that some things need to be renovated for sure
52% of these students that feel this way are Freshman. A Learn Lab integrates furniture, technology, and worktools with building architecture to support a variety of teaching methods and learning styles to produce better classrooms and better learning outcomes. It dramatically improves student engagement by providing clear sight lines and easy access to information. Classrooms Should:
A. Adapt to different teaching and learning styles
B. Change easily for different courses, instructors, and students
C. Better enable technology in the learning environment
D. Help inspire everyone who walks in the door
E. All of the above -Steelcase What makes Steelcase unique?
-The research process.
Steelcase does not just develop products and go.

" We want to design something that will support the way students learn and the way teachers teach."
-Barb Hoffman What Steelcase thinks a Language Building should offer:

Mobility- to go from group mode to lecture mode

Foster social connections- making people more comfortable to speak to each other

Give social space -Allowing flexibility and the ability for students to collaborate together

Making work visible (tv, chalk board, ect.) and support multiple learning styles REGENTS NOTEBOOK: 'U' REQUESTS 2.6-PERCENT INCREASE IN STATE FUNDING

"The College of Literature, Science and the Arts will provide $2 million to renovate the basement and the second floor of the MLB."

"...the former space of the Language Resource Center, which is now located in North Quadrangle, will be turned into the LSA Instructional Support Services Media Center..."

"Construction is expected to be completed next summer."

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 18TH, 2010 "The rooms are very generic, bland,
old, and not very inviting. "

"The classrooms are often oddly shaped and lacking materials (i.e. desk for the teacher, chalk, computer)."

"If I could remodel the classroom, in all honesty, I would change mostly everything."
“I think having classrooms that would accommodate students comfortably,
more room and an "open" feeling. The MLB basement is nothing short of
depressing. It's difficult to get excited to teach in such a drap dark
environment.”-Professor, Spanish 103
“It is a shame that a university like this one does not have podiums inall language classrooms. Less prestigious and humble universities providewith full technology classrooms for their language courses.” -Prefessor, Spanish 232

“All classes should be in enhanced classrooms. No need to take your ownlaptop to class, or changing your lesson plans because classrooms don´thave projectors.”
-Professor, Spanish 232
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