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TL_SM Program

No description

Mamta Chhillar

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of TL_SM Program

Team Leader & Store Manager Programme
Phase 1: Workbook Evaluation
Phase 2: Oral Assessment
Phase 3: Written Assessment
Assessment Process
Scoring Mechanism
3 Phases of Assessment
You have just completed a Capability programme.

This programme is designed to assess each TL and SM's skill and knowledge.
This program will help us BENCHMARK all TL & SM's across the UAE and KSA in preparation for our
Talent Programmes

It will also help us identify
Developmental Gaps.
During Phase 1, your workbook will be assessed and each of your answers will be scored by L&D.
Your marked workbook will be sent back to you with scores allocated for each element of each unit.
You will then be invited by L&D for a one to one
Oral Assessment

You need to bring a
printed copy of your marked workbook
to the oral assessment session.
During this session, L&D will only cover the questions that you got
or that you didn't gain full marks in.

You must take this opportunity to
all the points where you answered a question incorrectly as L&D will give you the correct answer at this time.

This will prepare you
for your
Final Phase 3
Written Assessment
In Phase 3, L&D will call you for a FINAL written assessment to test your knowledge.
Your score from all 3 phases will be combined to give you an
Overall score
must exceed
to PASS.
After successfully passing with
80% and above
you will be awarded with a
"Certificate of Achievement".
If you achieve
below 80%
in your overall score, you need to
the Phase 3 Written Assessment.

You will be given a short period of review before your rewrite session.
Thank You for your time and attention .
You will have the opportunity to give the correct answer during the oral assessment as L&D will GUIDE you and REPHRASE the questions to further your understanding, if required.
The oral assessment is specifically designed to allow you to
your workbook
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