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Alice Sebold-Lucky

No description

Jackie Fregoso

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Alice Sebold-Lucky

Lucky The life of Alice Sebold Alice Sebold begins her memoir with the horrible event of her rape Alice was born on September 6, 1963
* Alice's mother was an alcoholic
* Her father a Spanish professor
* In her memoir Alice describes how as a child her parents didn't pay much attention to her or show any sort of affection
* She would seek love from her mother but would always have it be deny
* Her father was always to busy traveling or studying because he was so consumed with his job
* Alice had a sister, Mary. Her parents attention was mostly focused on her considering she was a straight A students and Alice was consider to be "weird"
* Alice describes how to many her family was look as being odd
* Her mother would have panic attacks to which they would refer to as "flaps"
* Alice would try to comfort her mother as her attacks grew stronger while her sister was embarrassed by them and grew upset
* Alice moved New York and attended Syracuse University after graduating High School On May 8, 1981, during her first semester of college Alice was raped in a tunnel leading to an amphitheater. Alice's rape caused her whole life to change. Although she had difficulty with the people surrounding her because of the tragic event Alice was determined to stay strong and bring justice to her life. Six months after being brutally beaten and rape Alice saw her rapist in the street for the first time. Alice encounter her rapist, Gregory Madison, two times before having a good look at him and contacting the police again. This is when the battle for her peace of mind began and her life was consumed even more so with the event. Alice manages to have a"normal" life for awhile.She has various boyfriends,goes back to college, studied poetry, and obtained her bachelor degree. Alice had trouble identifying her Gregory Madison to begin with considering his lawyer was trying to make it difficult for her.At a point Alice was asked to see a lineup of men who all resembled the suspect and chose wrong. This was a drawback to her case but Alice was able to go through with it. Alice had to go through days of court, but in the end with the help of her lawyers, who became her close friends, Alice was able to win her case. Georgory Madison was sentenced for 25 years of prison. Alice leaves the city with her parents for awhile to get her life back together. Sebold does end up going back to the school and meets a new friend, Lila, that becomes her best friend. They are so alike and become so close they nicknamed each other "clone." Lila plays a huge role in Alice's life . As a junior in college Alice decided to move out of her dorm with her best friend, Lila to an apartment. One day Alice was out and had a bad feeling. She came home to police cops and found out Lila had been raped. This caused another turning point in Alice's life. Lila was so affected by this that she didn't want to be Alice's friend. This destroyed Alice. Ten years after her rape Alice was still affected by the rape. She lost communication with her friends and family.During these ten years Alice only saw her parents twice. Her degree in poetry didn't get her a job.With all this in mind Alice became friends with the wrong people and begun to use drugs especially heroin. Alice realized that the drugs were making her life fall apart. She decided to get help and leave New York. Alice moved to California and became a caretaker of the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony where she lived in a cabin and took care of an old friends dog. She did leave the Dorland and moved on. She became a teacher and attended the University of California . *The reason the book was titled Lucky was because a police officer told Alice she was "lucky" considering a girl was raped and killed in the same tunnel.
* Alice Sebold is also the author of The Lovely Bones
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