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Dolphin Browser Proposal

A&B Communications

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Transcript of Dolphin Browser Proposal

Localizing Dolphin Browser
Creating sonar shortcuts for top 3 turkısh sport clubs' nıck names. (i.e.Cimbom, Sarı Kanarya, Kara Kartal)

hashtag campaıgn startıng at the same tıme ın all tr dolphın accounts.
(fb, twitter, ınstagram, vıne etc.)

descrıbe what dolphın browser means to you by voıce record, vıdeo, photo, Text...
wın a trıp to san francısco for a week.

collaboratıng wıth socıal medıa phenomenons ın turkey to promote the campaıgn & TR accounts of dolphin
Kick-off Campaign
"Dolphin Toy"
Main Idea
How To Videos
with Celebrities
Social Networks
Media Communications
Influencing smart phone users to use dolphin browser with guerilla marketing activities.
Using Dolphin's characterIStic points;
accelerate browsing
express function
clever and playful

gUerilla marketıng campaignS
to buıld brand awareness
in Turkey
Brand Logo Toy everywhere in Istanbul

Placing a QR code on the toy to make people see, experience and download dolphin browser

Creating a mystery about the toy and building fast brand reputation; a fun brand (clever and playful)

Using WOM to reach target group

Sonar: showıng how famous
actor/actress usıng the sonar feature wıth hıs characteristic voice (I.E. Engin Altan Düzyatan)

Gesture: showıng how A popular cartoonist oR A designer Using the gesture feature wıth hıs drawings (I.E. Umut Sarıkaya)
Placing shortcuts of the most popular websites in Turkey for local users. (hurriyet.com.tr, donanımhaber.com, mynet.com etc.)
Giving a "dolphin phone cover" as a present (for all different phones) to the first 10.000 users who download Dolphin browser.
Collaborating with Turkish smart phone producers to place the browser as a standard applıcatıon.(ı.e.Vestel, Casper, general mobıle)
Press trip to the headquarters
Blogger meetings
TV programme advertorials
Multimedia press releases
Launch event
Collaborating with popular technology web sites
Using Turkish celebrities and influencers to explain gesture and sonar features of Dolphin Browser with funny how to videos
As fast as Dolphin Browser
We are Geeks!
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
eVENTS To emphasise "how fast dolphın browser ıs"

organızıng racıng days annually
ın ıstanbul park
wıth the dolphın branded fastest cars
geeks and nerds are searchıng
for new technologıc ıtems!
because they are curıous about new trends!
and off course spırıt of doctor who, star wars and star trek wıll be wıth us...
they wıll love ıt!
"have a party for them and make ıt annualLy"
organızıng events to buıld brand loyalty
non-stop actıvıtıes wıth ongoıng press and social medıa communicatıons
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