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Physician and Athletic Trainer Partnership

No description

Yatin Brahmbhatt

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Physician and Athletic Trainer Partnership

- Develop and implement emergency action protocol
- Injury prevention, recognition, diagnosis, referral, treatment and rehabilitation
- establishment and operation of treatment facilities
- ensure safe playing conditions (weather and equipment)
- communication
Physician and Athletic Trainer

Role of the Team Physician
Role of the Athletic Trainer
What is an athletic trainer?
Role of the Resident
- Ask Questions and Get Involved

- opportunity to extend the learning experience

- exposure to a broad spectrum of injuries

- staff physician always present on site
We are doing this because?!
Role of the Athletic Trainer
Role of the Medical Resident
Yatin Brahmbhatt MAT,ATC,LAT
coordinate pre-participation evaluation
provide for medical management of injury and illness
coordinate rehabilitation and return to participation or exclusion
integrate medical expertise with other medical health care providers
easily accessible for communication and consultation
Role of Team Physician
Game Day
Determine final clearance status for injured or ill athlete
Manage on-field emergency care:
- concussions
- cardiac emergencies
- spinal injuries
- heat related illness
Follow up care and instructions for athletes requiring treatment
notify appropriate parties about athlete's injury or illness
- Health care professionals who work under the supervision of a physician
- Optimize the activity and participation of patients
- Board Certified to provide:
- prevention
- emergency care
- clinical assessment
- therapeutic rehabilitation
- 7.6 million participants in HS athletics in 2012

- athletics are part of the educational process and add to the growth of the adolescent

- secondary school students who participate in athletics:
- demonstrate better academic success
- miss less school
- learn life long lessons for success
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