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Music cultures

No description

Shane Willis

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Music cultures

Different Kinds of Music and Their Cultures Style
Blue jeans- usually Wranglers
Western style button up shirt
Cowboy hat Outlaw Country
Willie Nelson
Smoking, Getting Drunk,
Chasing Girls
Modern Country Music
Contains all elements
Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, and Darius Rucker
Tells Story
Punk culture
How do they dress?
Meanings of patches and buttons
What's it sound like?
Loud, fast, aggressive
Ska Culture
Style of dress
Black and white checkers
Kind of music
Horns and off beats
R&B ended up bringing out such styles as blues, black rock and roll, doo wop, soul, motown, funk, disco, and rap. As the civil rights movement staged bigger and bigger demonstrations and increased African-American pride, soul music became more than popular music for young blacks: it became a rallying flag for the black nationalist movement. Jerkin’ music originated in Southern California in 2008. The New Boyz Summer 2009 Other Jerkin’ Music Artists… “The Rangers” The Dance Jerkin/Reject Jerkin’ Clothing Style
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