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The American Revolution

No description

Mr. Dickman

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of The American Revolution

The American Revolution
Early Battles
Second Continental Congress
May 10, 1776
Set up the
Continental Army
Olive Branch Petition
to King George
declared loyalty, repeal the Intolerable Acts
furious, rejected it, bring rebels to justice
The Patriots
Opposed the King
faced powerful foe
poorly organized
few cannons
no navy
owned rifles
good shot
brilliant commander
they would fight hard to defend homes
The British
highly trained
best navy in world
armies were 3000 miles away
news / supplies took months to travel from Britain to North America
Loyal to Britain and the King
Rebels take Ticonderoga
Bunker Hill / Breed's Hill
Setup up position on Breed's Hill
Colonel Prescott orders "Don't shoot 'til you see the white of their eyes.
Tried three times to take Patriots.
On third try they succeeded.
Paid high price for victory - 1000 soldiers dead or wounded.
Patriots prove they could fight bravely. Showed the British would not be easy to defeat.
Declaring Independence
Did you ever have to make a difficult decision?
Did you ever have to convince someone of something?
Thomas Paine
The Passing of the Declaration of Independence
The Olive Branch Petition reply from the king.
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