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Liquid Soap Dispenser

No description

Haley Blizzard

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Liquid Soap Dispenser

New innovations that has under gone since originally invented.
Some now have automatic hand sensors in it.
The Original inventor and the soap dispenser innovated.
George Henry Hohnsbeen invented the liquid soap dispenser. It was innovated in 1919.
Liquid Soap Dispenser
A simple and convenient operation with the flow of soap adjustable.
The purpose of the soap dispenser
"A cup pivoted on said arm and having a diaphragm like cover and adapted to contain a supply of soap." Today it is used the same but with new innovations. Like, some soap dispensers are automatic.
How it was used originally compared to now.
Quote from George Henry Hohnsbeen
How the soap dispenser has changed the world in a negative and positive way.
In a positive way it has made it easier to wash your hands with a reasonable amount of soap.
In a negative way, before the automatic dispenser there was as lot of germs on the pump.
There needed to be all of the materials to make it. Like, the plastic and soap.
Make an easier way to wash your hands.
Some are made for hanging on walls and some are made for sitting on counters.
Figuring out how much soap should come out.
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