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7055 Randy's Kidney Transplant Patient Story

No description

Ivy Tran

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of 7055 Randy's Kidney Transplant Patient Story

Randy's Kidney Transplant Patient Story
Randy's Story
PaTtErNs of Knowing
Patterns of Knowing
Bond between brothers
Use of metaphor (kidney disease = Randy's nemesis)
Randy & Dustin (brothers) introduced at age 25/15

Randy began getting sick at 35 - mistaken symptoms as the flu

Diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis (rare kidney disease) & admitted to ER

Estimated to live 3 days w/o hospitalization
Con't of Randy's Story
Needed kidney transplant
On hemodialysis for 3 months and peritoneal dialysis for 6 months
Ten donors stepped forward, only four were compatible
Dustin was one of them; began changing lifestyle for the transplant (quitting job & changed eating habits)
Transplant went well and both brothers recovered quickly
After 3 weeks from surgery, Randy hiked Mount Woodson (2,000 foot elevation)
Randy's Kidney
• Family separation
• Decision to donate
the science of nursing

Symptoms similar to flu symptoms
Three days to live
Tests to match donors and patients
10 transplant candidates, 4 were acceptable
Diagnosed with glomerulonephritis
3 days after transplant, kidneys functioned normally
Dialysis for regulating fluid levels
Personal Knowing
Realization of poor prognosis

Recognition of health problem

Unaccepting of treatment at first

Realizing need for better health to pursue goals

Realization of future goals

Readiness towards treatment

and looking forward to life after wards

Positive attitude towards situation when matched

Recalled surgery pain was minimal
acceptance of self that is grounded in self knowledge & confidence
Emancipatory Knowing
Transplant through Waiting list
Mismatched donors to match up with other patients
Thanks for listening!
Thanks for the kidney Dustin!
anytime brah!
Patterns of knowing
Randy Fleet
Dustin Mann
The Hero
The Patient
Sharp Memorial Hospital & Staff
The Caregivers
Randy's Kidneys
The Evil Nemesis
Brought to you by:
The London Knurses
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