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Prenatal and Newborn Development Assignment

Create a visual presentation describing prenatal and newborn development to be handed out or presented through the outreach program. Your presentation can be in the form of a brochure, poster, diagram, mind map, or any other visual that is appropriate.

Muhammad Bilal

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of Prenatal and Newborn Development Assignment

Prenatal Care: For a Healthy Baby
& a Better You. Mortality The mortality rate for babies in our state
is the 2nd highest in the country What does this mean?? It means that your state is the No.2 state among states in percent of babies born at low birth weights. And because of this and other factors,
A child dies before his or her first birthday every Astonished?? 14 hours!!! Depressing.. dont be in the dark about how to prevent such a horric fate for your baby. Educate yourself There is hope Many of the infant fatalities could have been prevented through the proper use of prenatal care. Health Prenatal care involves improving the health of you and your unborn baby. See A Doctor Keep appointments with your doctor and be aware of the importance of you maintaining your proper intake of prenatal medications Eat Healthy A nutritious diet is essential for the proper growth of your baby Smoking, use of alcohol and drugs will cause severe and even fatal damage to your baby so stay away from them Be Healthy Enjoy the outdoors by taking walks or doing light aerobics
and drink plenty of water. Education Read books on parenting and child development.
Prepare yourself for the world of parenting. At times it can be difficult and equipping yourself with good parenting skills ahead of time will prove beneficial. Take advantage of any governemnt programs available that will help you provide a healthy diet for your newborn baby because A healthy baby, IS a Happy Baby!! It is extremely important that you are aware of the dangers of not taking proper precautions during and after pregnancy. Far too many babies miss out on productive lives because of careless parents. Dont let this happen to you. Be proactive. See your doctor and follow all procedures. Eat healthy and always remember that whatever you put into your body you are putting it into your baby's body as well. Putting contaminants into your body such as drugs and alcohol will cause serious damage to your child and will affect birth weight. Dont be a statistic. Protect your yourself and your baby.Learn about babies and parenting to help you and your child grow successful. Give your baby the chance that thousands of babies were not able to have due to negligence by the parents. Your baby is depending on you for support and love. Seek community assistance when faced with any problems in raising your child. Your community is there to serve you so take advantage of any programs offered. Being a new parent is a beautiful thing. A baby coming into
this world is a marvelous treasure. Prepare yourself and
take heed to the information delivered. Knowing that you have
done all you can to provide a safe and healthy life for you child bring you... ...Peace of Mind Learn about how the effects of smoking
and the use of drugs and alcohol can be extremely harmful to you and your baby's health.
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