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Progress and Change

No description

Lisa Garibaldi

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of Progress and Change

Diseases of Development
Heart disease/atherosclerosis
Micronutrient deficiencies
Case Study: Pacific Islanders
cash income
dietary change
Increased consumption of sugar, salt, and white flour
Decreasing consumption of fruits, vegetables, and root crops
Increasing levels of infectious disease
Consequences of Environmental Degradation

Rice and Haiti
Thank you!
The Price of Progress
Progress defined as:
Increases in income
Higher standard of living
Greater security
Better health
Progress and Change: Tourism

The Diverse Economy
Mixed economy
Non-monetary based exchange
Cooperative work practices
Long term cost model
Improvement in these areas are thought to be universal goods, worth almost any price (losing access to land, traditional practices and lifeways)
Supplemental Reading:

"Unforeseen effects of disturbing the preexisting order" Bodley p.2
Medical Tourism
Traveling to another place to get medical care
Usually Another Country
Costs and/or delays
Refers to travel, usually done by young people, that claims to be done for humanitarian aims.
From Last Class:

Ritual Warfare
International Com
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