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Happy 1st

No description

Leigh Santander

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Happy 1st

The whole world wrapped inside my arms
why do i love you....
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I might know you as the person people tells me you are, but you proved them wrong. You showed me that despite of all the bad things threw against you, there's still a space for improvements and staying true. Im happy and really blessed to get to know you more noli. Knowing the deepest you made me fall from 100 to 0. I guess how you have been really true to me is one of the reasons why i fall even more.
Thursday, October 1 2015
Vol. 1
Headline 1
You are captivating, but not like those boys in the magazines. You are, captivating for the way you see things. You are captivating for your ability to make me smile, even when you're hurting. You are captivating, on how your eyes show your genuine love. No, you are not beautiful as temporary as your looks. You are perfect deep down to your soul.
when you have something good, you dont play with it. You dont take chances with it. When you have something good, you give every single thing you can. Because when you take care of something good, that something good takes care of you.
One more thing i liked about you is that, a day never passes without you showing me another reason to fall harder. You are so unpredictable. You disappoint, you spoil, you make fun, you work hard, you forget, you call randomly. I can't exactly tell how tomorrow will be with you. All i know is everyday is an opportunity taken to make me fall even more.
just to say i love you never seems enough. i've said it so many times i am afraid you wont understand what i really mean when i say it. How can so much feeling , so much adoration possibly fit into those three little words. But until i find some other way of saying what i feel, then I LOVE YOU will have to do. So no matter how many times i say, never take it lightly, for you are my sunshine and
my only love.

I cant find a face i love as much as yours.
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