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Short Story Unit Assessment

No description

Nicole Westlind

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Short Story Unit Assessment

The Rocking Horse Winner Background Information David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930) Born in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, Central England
English novelist
Storywriter, critic, poet, painter

childhood: poverty & friction between parents studied at Nottingham University
persued teaching career
his mother died in 1910: overdose "Snake"
"How Beastly the Bourgeoise is" first novel "The White Peacok" launched career wife: Frieda Von Richthofen During WWI accused of spying for Germans:
expelled from Cornwall 1917 DIED in Vence, France March 2, 1930 Genre Fantasy fiction strange/other worldly settings or characters
suspension of reality How beastly the bourgeois is
especially the male of the species--

Isn't he handsome? Isn't he healthy? Isn't he a fine specimen?
Doesn't he look the fresh clean Englishman, outside?
Isn't it God's own image? tramping his thirty miles a day
after partridges, or a little rubber ball?
wouldn't you like to be like that, well off, and quite
Oh, but wait!
Let him meet a new emotion, let him be faced with another
man's need,
let him come home to a bit of moral difficulty, let life
face him with a new demand on his understanding
and then watch him go soggy, like a wet meringue.
Watch him turn into a mess, either a fool or a bully.
Just watch the display of him, confronted with a new
demand on his intelligence,
a new life-demand.

Full of seething, wormy, hollow feelings
rather nasty--
How beastly the bourgeois is!

Standing in their thousands, these appearances, in damp
what a pity they can't all be kicked over
like sickening toadstools, and left to melt back, swiftly
into the soil of England. criticism of social conventions
shows male dominant society
call on men to challange value & english stereotypes
upper class: exclusive

POEM SIMILARITIES incorporates personal life
purpose/message trying to convey
DIFFERENCES (wealth not everything)
(criticism-social conventions) poem/short story
conclusive tone/inconclusive
different writting story uncertain characters TIME PERIOD Early part of twentieth century
tabulation & satire
influenced by WWI
after war: people questioned old ways--Lawrence joined: characters uncertain
point of view: mother
background info
changed writing styles: inconclusive & uncertainty--eliminating doubt

type anything
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