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What Can The Career Center Do For You?

An outline of office services and online resources

U of A Career Center

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of What Can The Career Center Do For You?

What Can The Career Center Do For You? We support student and alumni career success by promoting a greater awareness of the world of work and the need to view career development as a life-long process. What is the Career Center all about? What Do You Want to Do? Choose
Major Learn About
Employment Discover
Co-Ops &
Internships What About
Full Time
Jobs? The Career Center has two online resources to help you decide which major aligns with your dream career. Use Online Resources Focus is a self assessment designed to utilize your interests, values, personality, skills, and leisure activities to determine which major and career path is right for you. What can I Do With This Major can help you align your major with potential careers. It will give you information such as what areas you can work in, businesses that hire, and tips for how to break into that field. Narrow down your options by checking out the Occupational Outlook Handbook at bls.gov/oco for information on job growth expectancy, salary, and a walk through of a typical day in that job.
Meet with a career adviser to develop an action plan for reaching your career destination.
Talk with your professors about volunteer or research opportunities in your chosen field. The Next Steps Student Employment Almost all campus jobs are posted on our website, www.uakron.edu/career.
You can choose between lists of Federal Work Study jobs, Regular Student Employment jobs, or Off-Campus jobs.
** Federal Work Study is determined by your financial aid package.
There is NO campus wide application. You must apply for each position you are interested in according to the instructions provided in the job listing. Coops and internships allow you to apply classroom theory into the world of work
You get "real world" experience to put on your resume.
Having experience in your actual fields helps you gain a competitive edge over the competition
Cooping or interning allows you to network with others in your field. Many times, students can use those connections to find full time employment when the time comes. Why Should I do a Coop or Internship? Co-op Internship Number of semesters Year in school Typically 1 Late junior, early senior year 1-3 What's the difference? Late sophomore, early junior year Work experience Responsibilities increase each semester Consistent level of responsibility Pay Academic Credit Usually paid Depends on the industry 0 credit hours Determined by
department Cost $55 per semester Based on tuition and number of credit hours Meet with an adviser to: Need Help Looking for a full time job? Develop your personalized job search plan
Review your resume and cover letter
Learn about job search strategies
Practice your interviewing skills with a mock interview. Attend CC Events Career fairs are hosted twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring
On Campus Recruiting allows you to meet and interview with representatives from specific companies. Roolink:
Connect with over 4,000 active employers specifically seeking UA job candidates.
Create a professional profile and apply to jobs you qualify for directly through the site.
Opt in to resume books so that employers can find you.
Career Shift:
Search and store jobs from all the major job boards, company websites, newspapers and anywhere else a job is posted on the internet.
Get inside contact information immediately, including email addresses, for millions of companies, even alumni, then save and manage your lists.
Create as many targeted resumes and cover letters you need or upload your current documents.
Automatically create e-mail campaigns with your saved contacts, resumes and cover letters. (Hint: send your list to yourself for a postal campaign.) Since you choose your resumes’ destination, it’s like a confidential marketing campaign.
Going Global:
Access Going Global through your Zipline account to search for jobs internationally.
Examine country guides to learn about job search etiquette in other countries. Online Job Search Resources Are you thinking about
Graduate, Professional,
Medical School Choosing to go to graduate, law/professional, or medical school is a good way to increase your job prospects as well as potential salary. Getting accepted into graduate school is EXTREMELY competitive and should be treated similar to a job search. Higher Education Meet with one of our advisers to:
Determine which program is the best fit for your dream career.
Discuss the pros and cons of different programs.
Get assistance with application materials.
Practice for interviews.
Develop a Curriculum Vitae. Simmons Hall 301 Office Hours Walk In Hours Website Phone Number Email Monday - Friday 8AM-5PM
Tuesday & Wednesday 8AM- 6PM
by appointment only Tuesday, Wednesday,
& Thursday 11AM - 4PM www.uakron.edu/career 330-972-7747 career@uakron.edu
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