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All Time Low

No description

Yasmen Marte

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of All Time Low

All Time Low

Band Members
Charity Work
Fun/Random facts
They call their fanbase a cult
they're really immature
they're banned from Six Flags
Alex Gaskarth
His birth name is Alexander William Gaskarth
Born in Essex, UK
List Tom Delonge (Blink 182), Robin Vining (Jimmy Eat World), and Kirk Hammett (Metallica) as his inspirations to learn guitar
Uses an '87 Gibson Les Paul Standard and 3 Gibson SG-X's
Wrote one of All Time Low's biggest hits (Lullabies) about his brother that committed suicide
Zack Merrick
Birth name is Zachary Steven Merrick
Born on April 21, 1988.
Bassist and backing vocals for All Time Low
Has a nose ring and crazy hair and a lot of tattoo's
His brother is a musician too (Ryan Ogren from Runner Runner)
Has a clothing brand called Amerrickan
Rian Dawson
Birth name is Robert Rian Dawson
Born on December 16, 1987
Most mature member of all time low
Nobody know's much about him
He's Dating Cassadee Pope
How it started
After the bra incident started Jack would start telling all the fans to trow their bras up on stage eventually leading to each member donating a dollar for every bra they received on stage to breast cancer charities. As of 3 years ago the bad had over 3,000 bras thrown total
The Three Words to Remember In Dealing With the End
Very first EP ever released by All Time Low
Released in 2004

Put Up or Shut Up
Bands Second and latest EP
Released in 2006
Much more popular than the first EP
The Party Scene
First official album released from All Time Low
released in 2005 from Emerald Moon Records
Got the band well known amongst the Punk community
So Wrong It's Right
Released in 2007 from Hopeless Records
First major record label
Biggest success off of this album was the song Dear Maria, Count Me In. The song was written about a friend of Alex who became stripper.
Nothing Personal
Third full length album
first world known album
one of the most successful albums ever by All Time Low
Most well known song off album is Weightless and the music video features Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Mark Hoppus (Blink 182/Box Car Racer/ +44).
Straight to DVD
Bands very first live album
released in 2010
Recorded from Hammerstein Ballroom in New York
Cassadee Pope and Juliet Simms made appearances helping to perform songs such as Remembering Sunday and Stella

Dirty Work
4th Studio album
released on June 6, 2011
*Bands worst album*
sold over 107,000 copies in the US
it still stunk
*Glares at Interscope records*
Don't Panic
All song on this album were written by Alex Gaskarth except for Outlines which was co-written by Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy
Released in 2012 once the band returned to Hopless Records
Got over 48,000 sales withing the first week of release
All Time Low toured for over a year promoting Don't Panic
All Time Low is an American Pop-Punk band from Towson, Maryland, a suburb in Baltimore
The Band got their name when they were listening to Head On Collision by New Found Glory
All Time Low started out as a cover band with two original members leaving flyers around school for auditions, they eventually caught a break and got signed to Emerald Moon after releasing two EP's recorded in a friend's basement
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Jack Barakat
Birth name is Jack Bassam Barakat
He was born in Baltimore, Maryland
Founder of All Time Low
Has 3 tattoos (one blink 182, one all time low, and one Jack Skellington
Supports two major charities (Keep a breast and skate4cancer
he plays a ESP Eclipse II guitar, Custom Paul Reed Smith SC245 guitars, and Custom Paul Reed Smith McCarty II guitars
Has a clothing line called GLMR KLLS
During concerts Jack Barakat noticed girls would through their bras up on stage, he would wear them and make a fool of himself mid concert
Although many bands and celebrities are supporters of Skate4Cancer all time low takes the gold for support they've done multiple fund raisers and signings and Jack Barakat even made a line of clothes for Skate4Cancer organization
Don't Panic: It's Longer Now
Released in 2013
on this were some original tracks plus some acoustic versions plus some new songs
First single off of the reissue "A Love Like War" featuring Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil) got all around positive reviews
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