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the girl in the lavender dress

No description

saba zaheer

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of the girl in the lavender dress

The Girl in the Lavender Dress
The tone of this story is quiet at first but then it gets suspicious. Most of the people speaking used faint voices. Towards the end everyone's usually speaking in a manner as if they're shocked.
The mood of this story is mysterious and suspicious. Towards the end the mood is nervewracking and almost seems paranormal.
The Girl in the Lavender Dress is about the story a grandmother told her granddaughter before she died. According to the grandmother, she and her husband had been driving to the city of Claremont. On the way there, they agreed to give a ride to a young woman in a lavender dress who was hitchhiking in the same direction. Before they could drop the woman off at home, they looked in the back seat of their car and realized she was gone, with no signs of her leaving.
The couple who lived in the house the girl had directed them to said their daughter had been dead for four months. However, the woman they described looked exactly like the woman the grandmother and her husband had given a ride to. The grandmother had also lost her sweater during the ride. When she went to visit the woman's grave, her sweater was there. This lead her to one conclusion: the girl had been a ghost!
The story's theme explains that seeing isn't believing. Simply because you don't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there. The couple picked up the woman and gave her a ride, only to find out that she had died four months ago according to her parents. However, the the woman had seemed very real to the grandmother, and when she lost her sweater, she found it at the girl's grave!
"...And it was after dusk when we first saw her. I know it was dark, 'cause I remember first seeing her in the lights ahead.
Neither Herbert nor I spoke. He slowed down, and the girl stopped walking. She just stood there on the side of the road. Not hitching exactly, but she sure looked like she wanted a ride..."
The Granddaughter- The narrrater.

Grandmother- The one who is telling her granddaughter, the narrater, what happened that night.

Herbert- The grandmother's husband.

Carrol Bullard- The girl in the lavender dress.

This story starts in Vermont but then it goes to Claremont, NH at the time of WWII but to be specific during 1945.
When the girl doesnt talk and is very quiet, you guess there is something different and odd about her. You can also guess that something is odd about her when she disappears after the couple drives over the bridge.
1.) What time period did the story take place in?

2.) Where and when did the girl in the lavender dress disappear?

3.) Where was the grandmother's sweater found?

4.) Who was Herbert?

5.) What was the name of the girl in the lavender dress?
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