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Jane Goodall's Journey

No description

Annahita escher

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Jane Goodall's Journey

Jane's Family Childhood When Jane was younger she didn't have one single clue what Chimpanzees were. Until her mother gave her a Chimpanzee stuffed animal around the age of 2 or 3. When Jane was 10 or 11 sge adored animals so much she perferd to be outside than inside because there are more things to discover she would say. When she was 10 she said she dreamed of kuvung with animals in Africa. Thats when her big journeu began. Jane's father worked very hard as a busisnees person and a motor-racing enthusiast.While Jane's mom took care of Jane at their house.
Jane's family was British, and lived in Londen, England where Jane grew up. College Research Jane studied chimpanzees for about 90 years. She learned about what they eat, and the tools that they make for a living. They also live together in groups with a social structure. Jane Goodall went to Cambridge University and graduated in 1964. She also was one of the eight people who left the school with a medical degree. Jane also got a degree in ethology. Jane also attended the Uplands private school. There she received a certificate in 1950. She also got a higher certificate in 1952. At the age of 18 she left school and found employment as a secretary at Oxford University. Ending That’s all the knowledge I know about Jane Goodall. I hope you learned some new facts about her. Now before I leave I just wanted to say that Jane Goodall doesn’t just play with Chimpanzees she studies them. She spends her whole life with them. Jane changed the world by showing everyone how great Chimpanzees are and how they are just like us. Maybe not the exact same but they are very smart. Now, people in the world think Chimpanzees are like any other kind of animal. Well their not, they are smarter than you think. That’s exactly what Jane Goodall did. She proved to people that Chimpanzees are smarter than you think. Now that’s all the information that I have today. I hope you enjoyed the story of Jane Goodall. Welcome! This presentation is about a fasinating woman who told people to not be afraid of Chimpanzee's . I hope you enjoy this presentation!
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