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TACO BELL Marketing Plan

No description

Dannielle Posadowski

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of TACO BELL Marketing Plan

TACO BELL Marketing Plan
-Founded by Glenn Bell

-Owned by YUM! Corporations

-Over 6,400 stores in the U.S

-Serves more than 2 billion customers each year

-Replaced McDonalds as the official fast food of the NBA

"Yum! Corporation is committed to continuing the success realized during our first ten years. Our success has only just begun as we look forward to the future, one which promises a long runway for growth, especially on an international level"
Yum! Corporations
-Started in 1997 by Pepsi Company

-Includes companies such as A&W, KFC, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut & Taco Bell

-over 41,000 restaurants in 125 countries and territories

-Ranked at #216 on Fortune 500 list with revenues of over $13 Billion
Market & Environmental Analysis
-Interest rates

-Inflation rates

-Controls on wage

-GDP trends

-Cost of inventory

-Discretionary income and the supply of money

-Increase of unemployment rates


-Research and Development to help create new technology

-Increasing and improving the productivity of the company

-Consider new strategies to provide customers with a quicker way to obtain their products

-Law Suits

-Food and Drug Adminitstration (FDA)

-Wage laws

-Union Groups

-Growing rates of obesity

-Taco Bell created the "Fresco" menu with items containing less than 9 grams of fat

-Dollar cravings was introduced with over 11 items priced for 1USD

-In 2014 over $40 million in cash and food donations for the United Nation World Food Program and Hunger Relief agencies was raised

-Since 2017 over $600 million has been donated

-2.8 Billion meals have gone to people in need

-Strong brand name

-Successful parent company

-Cheap prices

-Strong in Marketing
-Promoting in new geographical location

-Small variety of deserts

-Maintaining low prices

- Coming up with new and
innovative ideas

-new locations within major Australian

-Not clearly understanding the market when in a new location

-previous failure in the Australian market

-False accusations and legal threats

-possible rise in high prices
By Dannielle Posadowski
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