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Musik: From Sound to Emotion - Montréal Science Centre

This traveling exhibition is available for rental from the Montréal Science Centre. Please see the last frame of this Prezi for contact info.

LJ Bertrand

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Musik: From Sound to Emotion - Montréal Science Centre

From Sound
to Emotion
Scaling Up
Key message: As it glides through the folds of our brain, music plays on our heartstrings by resonating with our emotions.
the Emotion
Video: Researcher Isabelle Peretz
Self-standing module with audio game: Half a second of joy… or sadness
Composition zone and multimedia player: Choose your emotion with advice from Simple Plan
Key message: Cutting up time, marking the beats, over and over. Dignified or daring, smooth or sporadic, rhythm is always contagious, for both body and soul.
In Perfect
Large screen video: Reflets dans l’eau, Malinowski
Audio clip: An air of familiarity
Video with narration: Consonance vs dissonance
Self-standing module with multimedia: Why does it “sound” like sad, happy, oriental, blues, Arabian?
2 audio clips in the multimedia player: The musical ear
Self-standing module with audio: Match songs to blues form
Video: Researcher Serge Lacasse
Composition zone and multimedia player: Choose your melodies with advice from Simple Plan
Key message: My voice, your flute, her violin, our drums, your basses, their harps. Every instrument has its own specific timbre, and every timbre has a personality.
Large cabinet with instruments: Sounds of every colour
Instrument to be handled by visitors: Theremin
4 self-standing modules: simplified versions of chordophones, aerophones, membranophones, idiophones
Multimedia game: An instrument’s signature!
Video and guitar on self-standing module: Guitar tutorial with Jeff Stinco
Video: Researcher Stephen E. McAdams
Video: Researcher Caroline Traube
Composition zone and multimedia player: Choose your timbres with advice from Simple Plan
On Stage,
and On Air!
Composition zone: Complete your composition. Share it with others in the exhibition, through your email and on the web.
Multimedia player: Conclusion with Simple Plan
Simple Plan:
From the Heart
Key message: Sharing the same fervor, experiencing
it with others, and feeling a sense of unity; music makes our hearts beat as one.
To produce Musik:
From Sound to Emotion, MSC called upon:
world-renowned laboratories conducting research to advance our knowledge of neurology and psychology as well as musical perception, composition and performance.

expert researchers. Some of them examine the bonds between music and the brain, while others develop innovative technological approaches in musical production and electroacoustics. Research work done by 5 of them is highlighted through video.
Montréal pop-punk band
whose music is widely appreciated by young audiences all over the world.
music composers to write the musical scores for all the sound clips.
performers, playing some 30 different instruments during a multitude of musical recordings made specifically for the exhibition, to produce over 3,800 music clips.
digital multimedia players that serve a number of purposes in the exhibition. They trigger Soundtracks, videos and interactive activities. They serve as speakers and screens for videos and interviews. Visitors can use them to select options, record their own voices and compose their music.
exhibition professionals who produced
a distinctive museographic experience, multimedia productions illustrating concepts in physics, mathematics and neuroscience, and a truly extraordinary opportunity for visitors to create personalized musical compositions.
Audience: 8-14 year-olds
Highly interactive: 30 activities
Exhibition surface: 675 m , including
175 m zone on Simple Plan (optional)
Exhibition capacity: 120 visitors
Visit duration: 45-60 minutes
Bilingual: French and English
This exhibition has been shown at the Montréal Science Centre, at Tom Tits Experiment in Sweden as well as the Puke Ariki Museum in New Zealand.
Please inquire about availabilities
Your Skin
Key message: Composers manipulate sounds and blend them with care. From a simple tune, they can create a symphony.
Sounds Of
Every Colour
The Jukebox of Emotions, allowing anyone to listen to the compositions created by exhibition visitors.
The Weird Instruments of Brigitte Belleville, presenting unusual instruments displayed in the exhibition and inviting web visitors to invent one of their own
artists and their exceptional audiovisual productions.
Before entering the exhibition, each visitor is given a digital multimedia player with a custom application created especially for this exhibition.
With features and information contained in this device, visitors can fulfill their mission and express the emotion they have chosen by creating their own music extract of about 30 seconds.
Visitors are guided by advice disclosed by real musicians, namely members of the internationally known group Simple Plan.
In each zone, interactive modules help visitors understand notions related to music, the brain and emotions.
Understand the importance of the brain in experiencing music, from composing to listening and performing.
Discover the various scientific aspects of music through experimentation.
Experience creating an original piece of music.
Showcase the various international renowned laboratories and researchers working on music.
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5
Zone 6
Media: authentic objects, videos, photos
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Simple Plan
Take a look at how they started
Discover the five musicians
Learn more about their current success around the world
See many of the objects that have been collected over their numerous tours
The 36-Song Challenge, featuring 36 songs from all geographic regions and musical styles worldwide and inviting web visitors to suggest some themselves.
3 participatory
Large screen video: Rhythms in your daily life
Self-standing module with audio: Sequencer
Self-standing module with audio: Jam session
Audio clip with beat surface: Follow the beat
Rhythm Under Your Skin
Video: Researcher Robert J. Zatorre
Composition zone and multimedia player: Choose your rhythm with advice from Simple Plan
Become a music composer
without being a musician!
Large screen video: Sensology
Self-standing module with audio: Charting the emotions
Self-standing module with objects: A compact stereo system
Video: The auditory system
2 audio clips: An earful of music
Video with 3 sound tracks: When music tells a story
Self-standing module with audio: What is music for?
1 - Scaling Up the Emotion
2 - Rhythm Under Your Skin
3 - In Perfect Harmony
4 - Sounds of Every Colour
5 - On Stage,
and On Air!
6 - Simple Plan: From the Heart

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