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World Intellectual Property Organization

Blanket Imperialism or Culturally Nuanced?

Chenoa Barker

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of World Intellectual Property Organization

Fiber optic cables Innovation Collaboration Decentrialization Culturalization Standardization Science and Technology Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Patents Copyrights
Berne Convention 1886 Trade Paris Convention 1883 Trade
Related Apects of Intellectual Property
(TRIPS) WIPO and WTO Global Policies: TRIPs Agreemet Standization
Dispute Settlement
Enforcement Confusionism

IP History


Policies Conclusions 1967 Japan and China Globalization Registration of Patents
IP Tech Support
Implementation “We have looked about us to see what nations are the greatest and how we can be like them. We said, ‘What is it that makes the United States such a great nation? And we investigated and found that it was patents and so we will have patents.” ~1921 Korekiyo Takahashi “I transmit rather than create; I believe in and love the Ancients” ~Confucious Before and After 2005 TRIPs Flexibilities Stricter Degree of Inventiveness More Information Required Higher Cost of Application 1. Foriegn investment is encouraged
2. Internal innovation is encouraged
3. Context of cultural background matters
4. Legal transplantation is sometimes necessary India WIPO and WTO IPR Bibliography
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Journal Articles
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World Intellectual Property Organization, Core Tasks of the WIPO and History of the WIPO, http://www.wipo.int/about-wipo/en/core_tasks.html.
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