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Jan. 2010

Barbara Barthelmes

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Monologue--Costello

Print Encyclopedias Where do you find the publishing information to cite books? in the encyclopedias? How do you put information into your own words? Can you take these books home? How do you locate biographies & encyclopedias? Dramatic Monologue What is a biography? How do you cite these books? How do you cite these books? How do you organize the information found? Biography books = due back: May 29th Encyclopedias and reference books must stay in library Title of Book Author of Book Publisher City of publication Remember: Author's last name comes first, then first name followed by middle initial {Title Page} {Copyright Page} How do you find information in the books? Letter on spine = what articles you'll find in that encyclopedia volume Alphabetically arranged "Guide Words" at top of page = which article is on that page How do you find information Where do you find the publishing information to cite encyclopedias? {Title Page} Date published = Copyright date Title of Book {First page of article} Use the
contents page Look in index to locate on which pages the information you need can be found {Copyright Page} Date published = MOST RECENT date Title of Article {End of article} Author of article appears at end of article Some encyclopedias don't give author names--leave blank don't write down words or ideas that you don't understand it's OK to copy down proper names write down what you learned that you didn't know before
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