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How computers work (please comment)

An epic prezi about components in a computer

prabahar jegaruban

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of How computers work (please comment)

So what will I will be covering in this Prezi Central processing unit (CPU) Hard disk Motherboard Graphics Card How computers work By Prabahar Jegaruban In this Presentation I'll be telling you how a computer works. Ram (Random-access memory) So First the CPU And data representation How Components Communicate Network Card What is the CPU? The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brains of the computer and this is where most of the calculations are made, it is also one of the most important component in a computer. Basically what it is; is a small sort of chip. Where is the CPU found? The CPU is found on the motherboard under the heat sink. What does the CPU do? The CPU's function is to take in the inputted information and makes the logical calculations, it also loads the operating system and it is also designed to operate other electrical devices. RAM (random access memory) What is a RAM? RAM (Random Access Memory), this is what provides space in your computer for it to read and write data, that information can also be accessed by the CPU. The more RAM's you have in your computer the less times the CPU will have to read data from the hard disk. Basically the RAM is short term memory, unlike the Hard drive which is saved data. A RAM is also many time faster than a hard drive. Where is the RAM found? The RAM is found on the motherboard, in the RAM slots What does the RAM do? The RAM lets you use more than one program at any one time, rather than having to use a program go off then go on another programs. And as I've told you it can also be used for short time memory, then when you save it it will get transferred to the hard drive. Hard drive What is the hard drive? The Hard drive is the component in a computer that permanently stores data or information onto your computer. Where is the hard drive found? The hard drive is located in the computer in a small box mounted at the top, or at the side, which would vary depending on the computer. What does the hard drive do? The Hard drive basically stores the information permanently onto your computer, so if your save something it will be transferred onto the hard drive. Motherboard What is the motherboard? The motherboard is basically the big board in a computer that holds and links components to each other Where is the motherboard found? The motherboard is found inside the computer usually mounted on the side on the computer wall. Graphics Card What is a graphics card? A Graphics Card is in simple words is the circuit board that controlls what is outputted onto the moniter. Where is the Graphics card found? The Graphics Card is located in the PCI slots , on the motherboard. What does the Graphics Card do? The Graphics Card just controls what is outputted onto the screen of the monitor. Network Card What is the Network Card? The network card is the device that connects the computer to a network, and to access to the network. Where is the Network Card found? The Network Card is located either at the front or back of the computer. What does the Network Card do? The Network Card can also be referred to as a Ethernet card and it can either work wired or wireless. The job of the network card is to monitor any access to any networks, and when reach the network and type in the password and all of that it will, then connect you to the information. How components communicate There is a system called the bus system. The bus system is basically wires connecting the motherboard to all the other components which can send signals to each other to perform instructions Data Representation Data representation is how the computer represents the data that is stored.
It can show this in three different forms:
.Text(ASCII code)
.Binary is a series of 1's and 0's that represent numbers
.Text is what we normally use such as abcdefghijk......
.Graphics is by using small(super small) pixels to display info Thank you for watching hope you have lerant a thing or two, and I hope you enjoyed my presentation
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