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Copy of Revisiting Graphical Passwords for Augmenting, not Replacing

No description

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Revisiting Graphical Passwords for Augmenting, not Replacing

Revisiting Graphical Passwords for Augmenting, not Replacing, Text Passwords

Sinan Ameen Alani

What is graphical password & why we need it ?
What is T&C ?
What is PCCP ?
T&C VS PCCP VS text passwords

What is graphical password & why we need it ?
Alternative to traditional text passwords .
T & C and PCCP is an examples of Graphical passwords.
improved security without degrading usability.
In general two factor authentication is costly .
What is T&C ?
Stand for Type And click .
Both password text field and the image panel is empty.
Consist of 330 images in total.
The image is dynamically changing as user type and erase.
The user is free to shuffle as much as he wants.
The tolerance region of the click is (19X19 pixels in size) .
T&C VS PCCP VS text passwords
What is PCCP ?
Stand for Persuasive cued click-points.
Uses 3-5 images to click on it instead of 1.
The tolerance region is (19X19 Pixels in size)
The video below show you how PCCP works.
T&C perform better in password memorability & user satisfaction than text password , PCCP
T&C asks for smaller change in user experience with the text password
T&C enhanced security against guessing attacks.
They made an experiment and the result of the experiment is
Success Rate
Login Time Information
Number of Shuffles in T&C , PCCP
Questioners Responses [1]
T&C is a hybrid scheme combining text and graphical elements.
T&C makes users password stronger
User makes a single click on the image after typing his password.
T&C is much better than PCCP and text password
Questioners Responses [2]
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